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Alfred Burt: Christmas Carols TTBB

Song NameComposerArrangerVoicing
Caroling, Caroling Long Ago Hawley AdesTTBB
O Hearken YeHawley AdesTTBB
Nigh BethlehemHawley AdesTTBB
All On A Christmas MorningAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
We'll Dress The House Alfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Ah, Bleak And Chill Wintry WindAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Christmas Cometh CarolingAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Some Children See HimAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Jesu ParvuleAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Bright, Bright, The Holly Berries Alfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
The Star CarolAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Carol Of The MotherAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
What Are The Signs Alfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Christ In The Stranger's Guise Alfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB
Come, Dear ChildrenAlfred BurtHawley AdesTTBB

These delightful carols are the result of a tradition begun by the Reverend Bates G. Burt, his composer son, Alfred and friend-of-the-family Whila Hutson; for many years these three collaborated on the creation of original carols, which were then sent to friends as Christmas cards. The fifteen carols as published are arranged in three sets. The carols within each set were selected to provide a variety of sound and facility of transition from one carol to the next so that each set may be performed as a program group

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Choral | A Cappella | TTBB | United States
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