William Averitt: Bound Unto Canaan - Three Shape-Note Hymns (Sheet Music)

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William Averitt: Bound Unto Canaan - Three Shape-Note Hymns

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
Say, Now Ye Loverly Social Band   William Averitt   SSA
You May Tell Them, Father   William Averitt   SSA
Ye Souls Who Are Bound unto Canaan   William Averitt   SSA

The shape-note tradition of singing is uniquely American and are both fascinating and fun to sing. The setting of "Say, Now Ye Loverly Social Band"honors the angularity of the original setting's fourths, sevenths, and ninths. Its square rhythms "walk the way to Canaan's land." "You May Tell Them, Father" - Paired voices sing sprightly stanzas, while the "poor mourning pilgrim" refrain has slow, sweet chords that go straight to the heart. "Ye Souls Who Are Bound unto Canaan" has fast, fluid melodic lines in all voices "join in and help me to sing." All of these arrangements would be interesting additions to your repertoire

8034 Sheet Music $4.95   20 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | United States | SSA. | A Cappella | Shapenote Music
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