Wayne Kirkpatrick: Something Rotten! (01 Songbook)

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Wayne Kirkpatrick: Something Rotten!

I Love The Way
The Black Death
Bottom's Gonna Be On Top
God, I Hate Shakespeare
Hard To Be The Bard
Make An Omelette
A Musical
Right Hand Man
To Thine Own Self (Reprise)
We See The Light
Welcome To The Renaissance
Will Power

A dozen vocal selections presented for the hit musical which opened on Broadway in March 2015, presented in vocal line arrangements with piano accompaniment. Includes: Welcome to the Renaissance - God, I Hate Shakespeare - Right Hand Man - A Musical - The Black Death - I Love the Way - Will Power - Bottom's Gonna Be on Top - Hard to Be the Bard - We See the Light - Make an Omelette - To Thine Own Self (Reprise).

2016 01 Songbook $19.95   136 Pages | Solo |
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