Vozes Da Radio: Bruxas, Herois, e Males d'Amor (00 1 CD)

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Vozes Da Radio: Bruxas, Herois, e Males d'Amor

Quanto Ao Lembrar
Indios Da Meia Praia
Viagem (Carrocel)
Negro Romance
As Voltas Do Vira
Lagartixa Do Mal
Valsinha Do Adeaus
Di Voce

Portugese jazz/contemporary group Vozes Da Radio's first album "Burxas, Herois & Males D'Amor" ("Witches, Heroes and Love Pains"), recorded in 1995, is mostly a cappella, mostly original, with all arrangements by the group. Considered one of the ten best CD's of the year by the Portugese newspaper "Publico," the group is well-known in their country and shares the bill at stadiums venues with pop and rock bands. The ballad "Ternura," accompanied by solo guitar, is one of their most-requested songs. In general their sound is vocal bass intensive, homophonic, with a natural vocal approach and minimal production or effects. Transcending the typical pop triads with non-diatonic chords and inversions, they have crafted an appealing adult contemporary style.

6249 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 6 Members | Portugal | | Vocal Jazz CDs
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