Voces8: Brahms, Bruckner, Reger (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Brahms, Bruckner, Reger

Song Name   Composer
Unsere Vater hofften auf dich   Johannes Brahms
Wo ist ein so herrich Volk?
Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Muhseligen?
Das Agnus Dei   Max Reger
Wir glauben an einen Gott
Motet Locus iste a Deo factus est
Motet Os justi Meditabitur sapientiam
Wienn ein starker Gewappneter   Johannes Brahms
Motet Virga Jesse floruit   Anton Bruckner
Wiegenlied   Johannes Brahms

The international award-winning octet Voces8 has established itself as the foremost young British a cappella group. Performing a repertoire ranging from Renaissance polyphony to unique jazz and pop arrangements, the group has been praised for stunning performances, exquisite singing and creating a sound that spans the entire range of vocal color. Founded in 2003 by ex-choristers of Westminster Abbey, Voces8 first achieved success in 2005, winning first prize at the International Choral Grand Prix in Gorizia, Italy. This collection of German choral music for Mirare finds the group in top voice.

2021 00 1 CD $19.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | German Choral Music
Music series: Voces8: A Choral Tapestry (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: A Choral Tapestry

Song Name   Composer
Os Justi   Anton Bruckner
Vigilate   William Byrd
Kyrie from Mass for Four Voices   William Byrd
Cantate Domino   Claudio Monteverdi
O Magnum Mysterium   Tomas Luis de Victoria
Magnificat Primi Toni   Palestrina
Warum ist das Licht gegeben?   Johannes Brahms
Go Down Moses   Michael Tippet
O Clap Your Hands   Orlando Gibbons
Das Agnus Dei   Max Reger
Wir glauben an einen Gott   Max Reger
Fest - und Gedenkspruche   Johannes Brahms
Unsere Vater hoffen auf dich   Johannes Brahms
Wenn ein starker Gewappneter   Johannes Brahms
Wo ist ein so herrlich Volk   Johannes Brahms
Steal Away   David Blackwell
Abendied   Josef Rheinberger
The Lamb   John Tavener
Agnes Dei from Mass for Four Voices   William Byrd

'A Choral Tapestry' explores the rich timbres of sacred vocal music spanning five centuries. Interweaving genres create an ethereal sonic tapestry that centers around masterpieces from Europe's rich choral history.

2080 00 1 CD $16.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella | English Choral CDs
Music series: Voces8: Eventide (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Eventide

Te Lucis Ante Terminum, Festal
Hymn To The Fallen
Where I Sleep
The Seal Lullaby
Second Eve
Quanta Qualia
Underneath The Stars
Locus Iste
Corpus Christi Carol
Os Iusti
Steal Away
Ave Maria
O Magnum Mysterium
Te Lucis Terminum, Pentecostal Tone

Voces8 make an extraordinary debut on Decca with Eventide. Eight young singers forming one perfect sound add a contemporary edge in stunning original arrangements from plainchant to Paul Mealor and from Saving Private Ryan to Emeli Sande. The album evokes the magical space between day and night, a time for unwinding, for finding the calm and solace we all seek. Eight perfectly-blended voices interwoven with haunting melodies for solo cello, harp and saxophone provide an immersive sonic experience which will soothe, beguile and inspire.

2219 00 1 CD $13.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella | Men's Choirs CDs
Music series: Voces8: Lux (00 SACD)

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Voces8: Lux

Ubi Caritas
O Nata Lux
Lux Aeterna (Nimrod)
Mother of God, Here I Stand
Ave Maria 1
Prayer to a Guardian Angel
Bogoroditse Devo
O Nata Lux (from Lux aeterna)
The Luckiest
Corde Natus Ex Parentis
My Lord Has Come
Ubi Caritas

This recording features a selection of pieces spanning over 400 years: from Thomas Tallis and Gregorio Allegri to Massive Attack (Teardrop) and Ben Folds (The Luckiest - which appeared on the soundtrack for Richard Curtis's film About Time). The album title 'Lux' refers to the Latin word 'light,' which has inspired composers throughout history with the meaning of hope, banishing darkness, and nurturing both the body and the spirit. Voces8's celestial performances on the album prove how few can better evoke the power of light in all its physical, spiritual and mystical guises than the timeless sound of a choir.

2224 00 SACD $13.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella
Music series: Voces: A Nuestros Padres (00 1 CD)

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Voces: A Nuestros Padres

Tratenis de robatnos la ternura
Como fue
Ojos malignos
Capullito do aleli
Llora llora
Al fin amor
Fuga campesina
El amor de me boleo
El manisero
La perla marina
Mi tierra
Negro bembon

Cuba has been sharing it's culture and traditions recently with the world at large by exporting a cappella music as part of its rich musical heritage. In Voces Mirtha Millan is the music director and arranger of most of the songs which are sung by six women. Heard for the first time are elements of vocal percussion performed by women somewhat reminiscent of Vocal Sampling. Ballads abound on this recording which is spiced with both jazzy and more classical sounding arrangements. The most familiar tunes are "Cómo Fue" and "Guantanamera." Several of the tunes are accompanies by guitar and a bit of percussion.

2389 00 1 CD $15.98   Female | 6 Members | Cuba | A Cappella | Female Contemporary CDs
Music series: Voces8: Bach Motets (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Bach Motets

Song Name   Composer
Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied   Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuchte dich nicht, ich bin bei dir   Johann Sebastian Bach
Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden   Johann Sebastian Bach
Jesu, meine Freude   Johann Sebastian Bach
Komm, Jesu, komm   Johann Sebastian Bach
Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf   Johann Sebastian Bach

Voces8 return to disc with this new recording of J.S.Bach's Motets, BWV 225-230. Joined by the Senesino Players, this young group prove their versatility and skill in performing some of Bach's most challenging and engaging compositions. This disc follows their a cappella debut disc with Signum earlier this year, Aces High (SIGCD187) - themed around some stunning jazz arrangements and songs from the James Bond films: "The slickest of the lot ... two parts King's Singers, three parts Swingle Singers, a dash of Bobby McFerrin and California sunshine ... fans of a cappella ought to hear this, not just for the singing but the production values and Jim Clements audacious arrangements" Andrew McGreggor, CD Review, BBC Radio 3

2395 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella | English Choral CDs
Music series: Voces8: The Voces8 Method (01 Book)

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Voces8: The Voces8 Method

The VOCES8 Method is an innovative new system which enhances neurological development, helping to deliver improved academic results. Based on research by the Institute of Education, it contains group activities based on rhythm and melody which are designed to develop key learning skills and improve students' academic learning processes for all subjects. Suitable for small groups or whole-school participation. Requires no musical expertise or expensive equipment. Supported by free online training videos and backed up by CPD training sessions led by members of VOCES8. An interactive app enables students to explore the activities for themselves.

2704 01 Book $49.95    Ensemble | England
Music series: Voces8: Christmas (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Christmas

Once in Royal David's City
Gabriel's Message
Magnificat Quinti Toni
O Magnum Mysterium
Away in a Manger
Ding Dong Merrily on High
I Wonder as I Wander
Totus Tuus
Coventry Carol
Jesu, Swete Sone Dear
At the Manger Mary Sings
Videntes Stellam
In Dulci Jubilo
Bethlehem Down
There is no Rose
Nesciens Mater
The Three Kings
What Cheer?

The international award-winning octet VOCES8 has established itself as the foremost young British a cappella group. Performing repertoire ranging from Renaissance polyphony to unique jazz & pop arrangements, the group has been praised for stunning performance, exquisite singing and creating a sound that spans the entire range of vocal

2919 00 1 CD $16.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella | Mixed Choir Christmas CDs
Music series: Voces8: Evensong (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Evensong

Me and My Shadow
Gabriel's Message
Magnificat Primi Toni
Straighten Up and Fly Right
Jailhouse Rock
Good King Wenceslas
O Clap Your Hands
The Luckiest
Nunc Dimittis
Feeling Good
Gabriel's Message (Cathedral Mix)

Voces8 has established itself as the foremost young British a cappella group, performing a varied repertoire, from popular and jazz arrangements to early polyphony. The 6-men, 2-women octet performs extensively in the UK, Europe and the US, and has been drawing reviews such as "stunning performance," "exquisite singing" and "a sound that spans the entire range of vocal color." We can only agree with this assessment in every way, and point out that after the octet's recent performance at the ACDA Convention in Oklahoma City, over a hundred people lined up at the PAC booths to buy "Evensong," and only 75 were lucky enough to get one, but we have now managed to get our hands on a bunch more from the group! 12 songs, every one an exquisite gem, so we will simply list them: British composers Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley's title tune, Al Jolson's "Me and My Shadow," Otis Blackwell's jazzy "Fever," "Gabriel's Message" (pop mix), Palestrina's soaring "Magnificat Primi Toni," Nat King Cole's "Straighten Up and Fly Right," Jerry Lieber/Mike Stoller's "Jailhouse Rock," "Good King Wenceslas," Orlando Gibbons' "O Clap Your Hands," Ben Folds' "The Luckiest," Gustav Holst's "Nunc Dimittis" and Leslie Bricusse/Anthony Newley's "Feeling Good." Be it Choral, Vocal Jazz, Pop, Classical Spiritual or whatever genre you'd care to put them in, Voces8 is one of the best a cappella groups we've ever heard. Buy "Evensong," turn the volume up or put on some fine headphones, and enjoy!

Listen to Me and My Shadow in RealAudio.

3096 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella | English Choral CDs
Music series: Voces8: Aces High (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Aces High

Slap That Bass
What A Difference A Day Makes
Good Vibrations
Dream A Little Dream of Me
Feeling Good
Anything Goes
From Russia With Love
Losing My Mind
Mack the Knife
Love of My Life
For Your Eyes Only/You Only Live Twice
Smooth Criminal
Nobody Does It Better

With a dash of danger, a hint of high society and mixture of three parts suave English gentlemen to one part beautiful femme fatale, this is the new album by vocal ensemble VOCES8. Aces High is a thrilling blend of James Bond themes and classic Jazz and Pop tunes. VOCES8 has established itself as the foremost young British a cappella group performing repertoire ranging from early polyphony to unique jazz and popular arrangements. VOCES8 has entertained audiences across Europe, and has been praised for its stunning performance, exquisite singing and a sound that spans the entire range of vocal color.

Listen to From Russia With Love in RealAudio.

4262 00 1 CD $17.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England | A Cappella | English Choral CDs
Music series: Voces8: Winter (00 1 CD)

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Voces8: Winter

For Now I Am Winter
Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen
Balulalow Voces
Nunc Dimittis Voces
Plainscape I
Plainscape II
Plainscape III
Come Wander with Me
In the Bleak Midwinter
The Fruits of Silence
Nyne Otpushchayeshi
The Darkness Is No Darkness
The Snow It Melts the Soonest

Painting a powerful aural portrait of winter through an evocative choral soundscape. Winter captures the pristine stillness of the season with a meditative, inspiring feeling of solitude and union. Eight exceptional voices are joined by Mari and Hakon Samuelson (violin and cello) performing works by composers from Latvia, Estonia, Iceland and elsewhere.

4311 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Ensemble | England
Music series: Voces: Voces (00 1 CD)

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Voces: Voces

Cristo Me Liberto
Ganando Almas
El Crimen
En Mi Corazon
Tan Lejos
Abba Padre
Tengo A Esperanza
Muros Caen
Hay Que Unirnos

Imagine the group Acappella growing up in Central America. That's what the new album from Voces is like. It's pure gospel and pure Spanish vocals at their best. Their self-titled album is comprised of nine songs from the Acappella Company catalog and two new originals. The album is produced by Gary Moyers. Michael Forehand (formerly of the Vocal Union) took on the brunt of the job as Assistant Producer, as well as mixing the album.

5906 00 1 CD $11.95   Male | United States | A Cappella
Music series: Voces Sacrae: Edmund Rubbra (00 1 CD)

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Voces Sacrae: Edmund Rubbra

Song Name   Composer
Five Motets   Edmund Rubbra
Eternitie   Edmund Rubbra
Vain wits and eyes   Edmund Rubbra
A Hymn to God the Father   Edmund Rubbra
The Search   Edmund Rubbra
A Song   Edmund Rubbra
Four Carols   Edmund Rubbra
Mary Mother, Op. 90   Edmund Rubbra
Entrez y tous, Op. 93   Edmund Rubbra
Star of the Mystic East, Op. 81   Edmund Rubbra
The Holy Dawn, Op. 135   Edmund Rubbra
Missa a3, Op. 98   Edmund Rubbra
Kyrie   Edmund Rubbra
Gloria   Edmund Rubbra
Sanctus   Edmund Rubbra
Benedictus   Edmund Rubbra
Agnus Dei    Edmund Rubbra
Lauda Sion, Op. 110 (1960)   Edmund Rubbra
The Beatitudes, Op. 109   Edmund Rubbra
Five Madrigals, Op. 51   Edmund Rubbra
When to her lute Corinna sings   Edmund Rubbra
I care not for these ladies   Edmund Rubbra
Beauty is but a painted hell   Edmund Rubbra
It fell on a summer's day   Edmund Rubbra
Though you are young   Edmund Rubbra
Two Madrigals, Op. 52   Edmund Rubbra
Leave prolonging thy distress   Edmund Rubbra
So sweet is thy discourse   Edmund Rubbra
Mass in Honour of St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)(1981)   Edmund Rubbra
Kyrie   Edmund Rubbra
Gloria   Edmund Rubbra
Sanctus   Edmund Rubbra
Benedictus   Edmund Rubbra
Agnus Dei    Edmund Rubbra

A beautiful disc of (mostly) World Premiere recordings, this first-ever CD to be devoted solely to his choral music will act as a herald to next year's Rubbra centenary celebrations. The earliest are the Five Motets of 1934, settings of 16th century metaphysical poems. It was madrigalist Thomas Campion whose poems provided the basis for two delightful sets of Madrigals, and charming too are the group of four simple Carols. It is for his liturgical music that Rubbra is perhaps best known today, and the four substantial works included here demonstrate why. There is his largest a cappella piece, Lauda Sion, a magnificent Aquinas setting, plus his second setting of The Beatitudes. Two settings of the mass are featured, his third, written in medieval style, and his fifth. This is the focal point of the whole collection, the Mass in Honour of St Teresa of Avila of 1981 which was Rubbra's last major choral work, and summarises the composer's mature harmonic language.

6551 00 1 CD $3.95   Mixed | Chorus | England | | Mixed Choirs CDs
Music series: Voces8: A Cappella Songbook (01 Songbook)

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Voces8: A Cappella Songbook

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Feeling Good   Bricusse and Newley   Jim Clements
Nobody Does It Better   Carly Simon   Jim Clements
Folksong Medley   Traditional   Jim Clements
Erlkoenig   Schubert   Jim Clements
Shenandoah   Traditional   Jim Clements
Opera Medley    Bizet/Mozart/Delibes/Verdi   Jim Clements
Wade in the Water   Traditional   Jim Clements
The Luckiest   Ben Folds   Jim Clements

Eight songs for eight-part vocal groups. The VOCES8 A Cappella Songbook includes many of the group's favorite songs - ranging from folk and classical through spiritual and pop.

6916 01 Songbook $16.95   82 Pages | Softcover | 8 x 11 | Ensemble | England | SSAATTBB | A Cappella | Arrangements for 8 Parts
Music series: Voces Nordicae: Time Is Now (00 1 CD)

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Voces Nordicae: Time Is Now

Song Name   Composer
Ave MAria   Francisco Guerrero
Pater Noster   Francisco Guerrero
Hymn To The Creator Of Light    John Rutter
Time is Now   Libby Larsen
Danse, Ikke Grate Na    Littlebjorn Nilsen
Pust   Susanne Rosenberg
Be Of Love   David Worm
That Lonesome Road   James Taylor
Sun On The Moon    James Taylor
Det Er Den Storste Darlightet   Traditional Norway
Sonnet No. 76   Alfred Janson
Kyrie   Olle Linberg
Gloria    Olle Linberg
Kyrie   Josef Rheinberger

Directed by Lone Larsen

Time is Now, the successor of their first album Nordic Voices, contains a broad spectrum of favorites from the choir's repertoire. The time span is huge, covering music from the Renaissance to the present day, with compositions by Francisco Guerrero, Josef Rheinberger, James Taylor, Olle Lindberg, Susanne Rosenberg, among others. The conductor and artistic leader, Lone Larsen, has contributed with the title track Time is Now and also with some of the arrangements. The variety in the repertoire is a clear signum of Voces Nordicae. Voces Nordicae has gained an international reputation as one of the most prominent choirs in Sweden. Part of this reputation is due to their successful appearances at special performances abroad and a number of awards at international choir festivals. As one of the foremost representatives of Swedish choral singing, Nordic Voices was invited to the ACDA's (American Choral Directors Association) national meeting in Miami, in Mars 2007. This is an honor that previously has been given to only three Swedish choirs, among these the Swedish Radio Choir and The Real Group.

8537 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Sweden | A Cappella | Swedish Choral Music
Music series: Voces Nordicae: Nordic Voices (00 1 CD)

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Voces Nordicae: Nordic Voices

Song Name   Composer
Fjaugen    Ekedahl, Hallberg
Kaerlighedsrosen   Jorgen Jersild
Min Yndlingsdal    Jorgen Jersild
Sagastipean   Javier Busto
I Denna Ljuva Sommartid   Anders Nyberg
Liber Canticorum   Vagn Holmboc
Kristallen Den Fina    Gunnar Erikson
Flos Ut Rosa Floruit    Per Norgard
To The Mothers In Brazil/Salve Regina   Lars Jansso/ Gunmar Eriksson
Benedicto   Urmas Sisask
Four Shakespeare Songs   Jaakko Mantyjarvi

Directed by Lone Larsen

Lone Larsen founded the choir Voces Nordicae during her diploma studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, supervised by professor Anders Eby. Her Danish heritage is reflected on the album NORDIC VOICES; here you will find music by three of the most brilliant Danish composers: Vagn Holmboe, Jorgen Jersild and Per Norgard. This CD also contains two arrangements by one of Scandinavia's most apprechiated arrangers of choral music, Gunnar Eriksson. The two songs are Kristallen den fina (a quadlibet of three folk songs) and To the mothers in Brazil, the latter being one of the most popular songs by the Swedish jazz composer and pianist Lars Jansson. The Finnish composer Jaakko Mantyjarvi is represented with his magnificent piece Five Shakespeare Songs. Two composers; the Basque composer Javier Busto, with his folkloristic piece Sagastipean and the Estonian composer Urmas Sisask, with his expressive piece Benedictio, represent Europe outside the Nordic countries.

8538 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Sweden | A Cappella | Swedish Choral Music
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