Variations: Wish That You Were Here (00 1 CD)

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Variations: Wish That You Were Here

Lover's Prayer
Baby Doll
I Love My Baby
In Between Kisses
You Better Run
Please Come Back To Me
Oh My Darling
Mine All Mine
Deceiving Blues
Just Before You Leave
Please Believe I love You
Don't Say Goodbye
Heart, Darling, Angel
I Am So Lonely
I Love You So
Wish That You Were Here

These East Coast doo woppers capture the earnest innocence of the girl groups of the 'fifties. Featuring two altos, two sopranos and one lone fella on bass, the Variations specialize in less familiar songs recorded by the Crystals, Orlons, Capris, and many others (history included in the liner notes). Obviously a labor of love, "Wish You Were Here" reminds us what it was like to be a girl in the era of poodle skirts and malteds at the diner-ecstasy if he liked you, misery and pathos if he didn't. The trademark oohs and aahs, and plaintive vibrato implore ("Please Come Back to Me"), adore ("Heart Darling Angel") and admonish ("You Better Run"). The harmonies are well-executed and are nicely balanced by the bass register, resulting in a full, complete sound. A welcome addition to the doo-wop category.

8781 00 1 CD $14.98   Mixed | 5 Members | United States | A Cappella | Doo wop
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