Vanraj Bhatia: Six Seasons (Sheet Music)

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Vanraj Bhatia: Six Seasons

Basant (Spring)
Greeshma (Summer)
Varsha (Monsoon)
Sharad (Autumn)
Shishir (Harvest)
Hemant (Winter)

The Six Seasons for unaccompanied choir was specially written for the Paranjoti Academy Chorus and conductor Coomi Wadia and is based on 11th century Sanskrit texts which were translated into Hindi by Vasant Dev. Each piece of the Six Seasons is based on a rag traditionally associated with that particular season. The composer ensures that each voice sings the rag itself, with no voice playing a subsidiary role. The tal or rhythmic cycle, which is an important characteristic of Hidustani classical music, is very evident with the composer indicating the commencement of every cycle with an "X."

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