Ute Bonn: Heartaches and Other Pleasures (00 1 CD)

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Ute Bonn: Heartaches and Other Pleasures

Supposed to be
When I Met You
Do You See Me?
Not at Any Price
I'm Mad at You!
Make Space For Love
Pools of Water
Open Heart in Progress
No means No
I Love You
It's O.K.
Enough is Enough
In the Now
Love - Goodbye
Cutting Loose
Little Improv

"Heartaches" has 18 original songs, written sung and arranged by Ute Bonn, Voicedancer, about love, life and relationships. A range of emotions about falling in love, disappointments, anger, sadness, letting go, being at peace and loving again, are here. Ute harmonizes with herself on multiple tracks here, showing off her wonderful voice on surprising cuts like "Supposed to be," "Not at Any Price," "I'm Mad at You," "Make Space for Love," "Pools of Water, "Open Heart in Progress," "No Means No," "Words," "It's OK," "Releasing," "Enough is Enough," "In the Now" "Cutting Loose" and "Little Improv" are as powerful in their content as they are musically. California's beautiful, talented "Heartaches" is a bright fresh, confident statement that rings with Ute's truth as much as her poetry and song. Beautiful and thought-provoking!

7467 00 1 CD $14.98   Female | 1 Members | United States | A Cappella | Female Contemporary CDs
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