The Valentinos: Treasure Chest (00 1 CD)

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The Valentinos: Treasure Chest

Dee I
My Vow To You
That's Why I Love You
The Wind
Oh My Love
If I Should Lose You
Please Be Mine
Never Let Me Go
Spanish Harlem
Gypsy Woman
Peppermint Stick
Please Tell The Angels
How Much I Love You
Dear Sonia
Rendezvous With You
What Did Daddy Do
Guardian Angel
The Time
That's All I Want From You
I Mei Giorni Felici
Close Your Eyes
I've Been Good To You
Set Me Free
En Mi Viejo San Juan

In 1956 Gil Valentin formed a group he called the Casanovas. But another group had recorded under that name, so he changed the name to the Valentinos, a romantic play on the famous actor, the holiday and Gil's own name. Beginning as an all-male quintet, they went to 3 men and one woman, and finally to 2 men and 2 women. There are 26 songs on "Gems," some favorites are "That's Why I Love You," "Oh My Love," the classic "Spanish Harlem," "IOU," "Gypsy Woman," "Peppermint Stick," "Rendezvous With You," "What Did Daddy Do," "Close Your Eyes" and "Set Me Free" are some of many favorites. The Valentinos have the classic Doo-Wop sound, and they use it well on "Acappella Gems." Great original recordings by one of the best groups of the era!

2076 00 1 CD $14.98   United States | Doo wop
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