Tapiola Children's Choir: Tapiola Choir Christmas (00 1 CD)

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Tapiola Children's Choir: Tapiola Choir Christmas

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Maria, Herran piikanen
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen   J. Panula
O Holy Night / Oi, jouluyo   A. Adam / Solantera / Snellman   J. Panula
The Joy of Giving   Kalevi Olli / J.G. Whittier
Kulkuset fantasia / Fantasy on Jingle Bells   J. Panula / J.S. Pierpoint
Tonttujen joulukuusi / Elves around the Christmas Tree   J. Panula
Nigra sum / I Am Black   Pablo Casals / Kurt Stone   J. Panula
Noel des enfants qui n'ont plus de maisons   Claude Debussy
Kuului laulu enkelten   A. Papp / R.R. Ryynanen
Go, Tell It on the Mountain   B.A. Red
Foudu, satakiel
Katso, ihme taivainen   Piae Cantiones   J. Sibelius
En etsi valtaa, Ioistoa   Jean Sibelius   J. Panula
Maa on niin kaunis   B.S. Ingemann / H. Haahti   J. Panula
Jouluna Jumala syntyi   Pekka Jalkanen / Kanteletar
Joulukranssi kuudella kielella   Jorma Panula
- Joulun kellot / Softly, Softly   Armas Maasalo / Helmi Auvinen   Jorma Panula
- Nu tandas tusen juleljus / A Thousand Candles Burning Bright   Emmy Kochler   Jorma Panula
- Tiliseb tiliseb aisakell / Jingling, Jingling Sleigh Bells Ring   Leonard Wirkhaus   Jorma Panula
- Leise rieselt der Schnee / Silent Sleeps the Singing Snow   Jorma Panula
- Mele kalikimaka   R.A. Anderson / Yngve Stoor   Jorma Panula
- Entre le boeuf.../There in the Hay of the Ox's Stall   Jorma Panula
- Arkihuolesi kaikki heita / Cast off Thy Everyday Cares   Leevi Madetoja / Alpo Noponen   Jorma Panula

Directed by Erkki Pohjola / Jorma Panula

Over three decades have passed since the founding of the Tapiola Choir, then known as the Tapiola Children's Choir. Shortly after their founding, in 1973 they released "Tapiolan Joulu" ("Christmas With Tapiola"). If you have ever heard that classic album you can't help but be moved by the bell-like chime and purity of the children's voices. On this new Christmas recording the Tapiola Choir, long since recognized as an international treasure, creates a richer, more mature sound with the addition of a couple of dozen young adult voices belonging to the 'seniors.' The choir's founder, Prof. Erkki Pohjola wished to share the experience of creating this recording with former members because this is to be his last as conductor and director of the choir. Additionally, the breadth of the arrangements was enhanced by use of orchestration which never occludes the beauty of the choir and special guest Jorma Hynninen, the celebrated Finnish operatic baritone. The recording begins with an a cappella version of the Australian folk song, "Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord" which was the first three part song ever sung by the original "Choir of the Lower Forms of Tapiola Secondary School." Progressively the song list increases in festivity, youthful fun predominates, and then imperceptibly the feeling returns to the original spirit of Christmas until, finally the choir closes the recording with the a cappella "At Christmas, God Came on Earth." This beautiful recording is not only a testimonial to the young singers of Tapiola but a superb passing of the musical baton to the new conductor, Kari Ala-Pollanen.

Listen to Go, Tell It On The Mountain in RealAudio.

6413 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Finland | A Cappella | Childrens Choir Christmas
Music series: Tapiola Children's Choir: Joy! Best of the Tapiola Choir (00 1 CD)

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Tapiola Children's Choir: Joy! Best of the Tapiola Choir

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
This Land, My Land, Finland
Song of the Nation   J.H. Erkko
Song of the Wanting Land   Oskar Merikanto   Ilmari Kianto
The Hills of Karelia   Valter Juva
Oh How Fair My Sweetheart Is
The Shepherd Piper   Maija Konttinen
The Sky Is Blue
Young Rascals from Harma Village
An Orphan's Sigh
Finlandia Hymn   Jean Sibelius   V.A. Koskenniemi
Our Land   Fredrik Pacius   J.L. Runeberg / P. Cajander
Finno-Ugric Landscapes   Veijo Tormis
- Hunting song   Veijo Tormis   Mansi / Vogul
- By the Riverside   Veijo Tormis   Udmart / Votyak
- On Vespian Pathways   Veijo Tormis   Vepsian
- The Oak Tree   Veijo Tormis   Votic
- Herding Song   Veijo Tormis   Karelian
- On the Seashore   Veijo Tormis   Livonian
The Volcano of Aizu Bandai
Red Dragonfly   Kosaku Yamada
Aglepta   Arne Mellnas   Bengt af Klintberg
Winter Was Hard   Aulis Sallinen   Bo Carpelan
Die erste Deklination   Aulis Sallinen
Mary, Handmaiden of the Lord
At Christmas God Came on Earth   Pekka Jalkanen   Kanteletar
The Guardian Angel   P.J. Hannikainen   Immi Hellen
Evening Prayer   Sofie Lithenius   S. Lithenius / Aune Krohn
Here Beneath a Northern Star   J.F. Granlund
The Little Bird's Praise
My Kantele   Kreeta Haapasalo   K.J. Nordlund
A Finnish Prayer   Taneli Kuusisto   Uuno Kailas
Spring Hymn
Thanks to God   Oskar Merikanto   A. L. Storm / K.J. Rahikainen

Directed by Erkki Pohjola / Kari Ala-Pollanen

Four decades ago in Finland, music teacher Erkki Pohjola had a vision of what a children's choir should sound like, and many competition victories, recordings and great performances later, we have this best-of CD by the 35-strong Tapiola Choir as evidence of his brilliance. There are 11 songs here, sung in Finnish, (translated) "This Land, My Land, Finland," "Song of the Nation," "Song of the Wanting Land," "The Hills of Karelia," "Oh How Fair My Sweetheart Is," "The Shepherd Piper," "The Sky Is Blue," "Young Rascals From Harma Village," "An Orphan's Sigh," "Finlandia Hymn" and "Our Land." Variously accompanied, from harp to orchestra, the emphasis is on the startling, bell-like voices of the children and these beautiful Finnish songs. Incredible vocal clarity and range-lovely!

6779 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Finland | A Cappella | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Tapiola Children's Choir: Rainbow Sounds (00 1 CD)

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Tapiola Children's Choir: Rainbow Sounds

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
joko ruvennen runolle/ a kalevala introduction
hanget soi/ singing snow   Heikki Sarmanto   Auvo Sarmanto
suomalais-ugrilasia maisemia/ finno-ugric lanscapes: metsasyslaulu/ hunting song   Veijo Tormis
yoen rannalla/ by the riverside   Veijo Tormis
vepsan poluilla/ on vepsian pathways   Veijo Tormis
tammipuu/ the oak tree   Veijo Tormis
paimenessa/ herding song   Veijo Tormis
meren rannalla/ on the sea shore   Veijo Tormis
ba, ba, vita lamm/ baa, baa little lamb   Nils Henrik Asheim / Alice Tegner
stuff'n' nonsense   Norman Luboff
let it shine!   Kari Ala-Pollanen
aizu bandaisan/ the volacno of aizu bandai   Kansanlaulu Fukushimasta   Hiroshi Ishimaru
akatonbo/ Red dragonfly   Kosaku Yamada   Seiji Wakamatsu
tuira mai/ Stand in rows   Anthony Ritchie
danza negroide/ the dance of a negro boy    Timo-Juhani Kyllonen
mina olen harman kankaapaasta/ young rascals form harma village   Etela-Pohjalainen kansanlaulu   Matti Hyokki
zai itxoiten/ waiting   Javier Busto
nowl des enfants qui n'ont plus de maisons/ christmas carol for homeless children   Claude Debussy
aglepta/ three fiord skeches: two images   Olli Kortekangas
sun and moon   Olli Kortekangas
balance   Olli Kortekangas
revontulet/ northern lights   Pekka Kostiainen
Agelpta   Arne Mellnas

Directed by Kari Ala-Pollanen

Rainbow Sounds illustrates in a real way the international dimensions of the Tapiola Choir's activities. The choir has made nearly 60 foreign tours to nearly thirty countries. Three times the tour has taken them literally around the world. Tens of foreign choirs have enjoyed a reciprocal welcome in Tapiola as a consequence. It will come as no surprise then that the choir has developed a substantial repertoire of songs from around the world, sung in the original languages. On this CD alone one can hear over half of the thirty-or-more languages in which the choir has sung. Special attention is always paid to accuracy of pronunciation.

6881 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Finland | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Tapiola Children's Choir: Dreams (00 1 CD)

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Tapiola Children's Choir: Dreams

Song Name   Composer
Dreams op 85   Erik Bergman
Pater Noster   Bengt Johansson
Vintern var hard   Aulis Sallinen
Suita Grammaticale op. 28   Aulis Sallinen
Agnus Dei    Einojuhani Rautavaara
Meditatio super Agnum Dei   Einojuhani Rautavaara
Halleluja   Einojuhani Rautavaara
A   Olli Kortekangas

Directed by Erkki Pohjola

Musicality has paved the way for the expansive project that has made the Tapiola Choir's career a unique one. All the way from the 1960s the choir has worked hand in hand with many of Finland's finest composers. This work has generated a quite new choral repertoire of very high quality and - most important - completely lacking all the stock "music for children" mannerisms.

6882 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Finland | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Tapiola Children's Choir: Sounds Of Finland (00 1 CD)

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Tapiola Children's Choir: Sounds Of Finland

Finlandia hymn
Song of my Hear
Summer Twilight
Sleep, my Child, Sleep
To Us a Festival is Given
Evening Song
Burro Matti
Song of Finland
Our Country
The Winter Was Hard
Hotaru koi
Maira, the Lord's Little Maiden
A Son Is Born in Bethlehem
Let Me Praise Jesus
Rejoice, Daughter of Sion
Let Us Chant
In the Hay by the Oxen's Trough
Oh Nightingale, Come!
The Snow is Falling
I Kneel Down at your Manger
Majatta, lowly Maiden, Finnish Mystery

The Tapiola Children's Choir was founded as a school choir by Erkki Pohjola in 1963. It rapidly developed into one of Finland's leading choirs, touring Japan, Europe and the US and winning competitions. "Sounds" is a rich, varied collection of 19 songs by outstanding Finnish composers such as Jean Sibelius ("Finlandia Hymn," "Song of My Heart," "The Snow is Falling"), Pekka Hannikainen ("Summer Twilight," "Sleep, my Child, Sleep"), Fredrik Pacius ("Song of Finland," "Our Country"), Aulis Sallinen ("The Winter Was Hard"), Toivo Kuula ("Evening"), Jukka Koskinen ("To Us a Festival is Given"), Michael Praetorius ("Let Us Chant") and others. Other favorites are Bach's "A Son is Born in Bethlehem" and "Let Me Praise Jesus," Handel's "Rejoice, Daughter of Sion" and the lively traditional folk tune "Burro Matti, Lapin joiku." Light accompaniment on two songs. A beautiful, ringing collection by one of our favorite children's choirs!

7548 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Finland | | Mixed Childrens Choirs
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