Street Corner Serenade: Acappella (00 1 CD)

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Street Corner Serenade: Acappella

Song Name   Composer
Till Then
I Really Love You
Beginning To Love You
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Mister Lonely
Little Darlin'
My True Story
Street Corner Serenade
Hey Senorita
When I Come Home
Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely
Blue Moon   Richard Rodgers
Streets Of The Bronx
Little Girl Of Mine
The Girl I Love
Walking Along

The 5-man Starlight Serenade is one of Boston's finest vocal groups, and they really deliver the goods on this CD. We've always felt that the key to great male doo-wop is a solid, heavy baritone-bass anchor (the whole genre being named after nonsense words usually sung by those yummy deep voices) and Baritone Jack Mento and Bass David Jackvony are two of the best we've heard. There are 16 classic songs here, some of our favorites: 'Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye,' 'Little Darlin',' 'My True Story,' 'When I Come Home,' 'Blue Moon,' 'Little Girl of Mine,' 'Walking Along,' and the title tune, but it's hard to choose, as it's all good stuff. Rich-harmonied, deep-voiced doo-wop is like hot fudge on a hand-cranked vanilla ice cream sundae - the more the better!

8232 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 5 Members | United States | A Cappella | Doo wop
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