Stardust: All The Way (00 1 CD)

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Stardust: All The Way

Song Name   Composer   Arranger   As Performed By
Orange Colored Sky   David Harrington
I Don't Know Why I Should Cry Over You   James Halvorson
River Stay 'way From My Door   James Halvorson
A House With Love In It   Freddy King
500 Guys   James Halvorson
Margie   David Harrington
Viva Las Vegas   James Halvorson
Edelweiss   Richard Rodgers / Oscar Hammerstein   The Confederates
Be My Life's Companion   Tom Gentry
Sing Sing Sing   Renee Craig
All The Way   David Briner

This is the debut CD of Stardust, an all-male barbershop quartet from Las Vegas where "All The Way" was recorded. John, Larry, Buzz and Jim look very cool in their matching blue-flame sportcoats and sing some great harmonies in these 11 tunes. Favorites include the standards "Orange Colored Sky," "River Stay 'way From My Door," "A House With Love In It," "Margie," "Viva Las Vegas" (another clue!), "Edelweiss," "Sing, Sing, Sing (with a swing)," and "All The Way." Very good stuff, guys.

Listen to Sing Sing Sing in RealAudio.

5835 00 1 CD $3.95   Male | 4 Members | United States | A Cappella | Sweet Adelines Music
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