Solfa: Solfa (00 1 CD)

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Solfa: Solfa

Get Ready
Benen I Kors
You Are The One
A Cappella
Drive My Car
Faith/ Fire
You Can't Do That
Hon Ar Sa Sot
Vem Vet
Eg Ser

Solfa are a Norwegian male quintet who sprinkle their contemporary songs with jazzy chord nuggets. Mixing about half original songs (some of which are sung in Norwegian) with tasty covers, they can funk too, as they do on the Temptations/Smokey Robinson classic, "Get Ready," which features a shredding guitar solo. Two Beatles numbers, "Drive My Car" and "You Can't Do That," retain all the joie de vivre of the Fab Four's originals, subtly accessorized-the bass part of "You Can't Do That" gives it a kick at the end. The swinging "Vem Vet" has a first-rate horn passage. The group members have studied at the Hamar College of Music in Norway, and are great admirers of the Real Group; this debut CD shows that they have learned their lessons well.

2991 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 5 Members | Norway | A Cappella | Male Contemporary CDs
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