Skyliners: Greatest Hits (00 1 CD)

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Skyliners: Greatest Hits

Since I Don't Have You
This I Swear
I'll Be Seeing You
If I Loved You
Blossoms In The Snow
Believe Me
Lonely Way
How Much
It Happened Today
Pennies From Heaven
Zing Went The Strings
Happy Time
One Night, One Night
Lorraine From Spain
I Can Dream, Can't I
Tired Of Me
When I Fall In Love

Something of a genre-bender, this all-white teenage group from Pittsburgh featured a female singer with a naturally true high range, mostly original material written by their equally talented lead singer Jimmy Beamont (in conjunction with their producer), and a sound that was equal parts Four Freshmen and fifties R & B. One of the first 'rock' groups of the era to record with full orchestra, songs such as the justifiably famous 'Since I Don't Have You,' 'This I Swear,' 'Lonely Way' (the latter a favorite of the Manhattan Transfer) are surprisingly mature and complex for voices so young. This CD culls material from their early releases on the Calico label, as well as a couple of cuts added for this album: 'Stardust' and 'Blossoms In The Snow.'

8813 00 1 CD $12.98   Mixed | 5 Members | United States | | Doo wop
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