Ruth Watson Henderson: Adventures in Color (Sheet Music)

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Ruth Watson Henderson: Adventures in Color

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
White   Ruth Watson Henderson   SA
Orange   Ruth Watson Henderson   SA
Gold   Ruth Watson Henderson   SA
Blue   Ruth Watson Henderson   SA
Red   Ruth Watson Henderson   SA

Ruth Watson Henderson writes: "I have always felt that there is a strong connection between visual colors and musical colors. When I came across the poems about colors in Mary O'Neill's book, Hailstones and Halibut Bones, I realized they would make wonderful songs for young singers. I tried to capture the different colors in the poems I chose with scales and intervals that seemed to match them. Strong colors are expressed with dissonant sounds, while softer colors are described with whole tones and gentler sounds. Particular keys are associated with the various colors: Red is in a key with sharps, Blue is in a key with flats and White has no sharps or flats."

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Music series: Ruth Watson Henderson: Shades of Love (Sheet Music)

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Ruth Watson Henderson: Shades of Love

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
She Walks In Beauty   Doreen Rao   SATB
Annabel Lee   Doreen Rao   SATB
When We Two Parted   Doreen Rao   SATB
Awake My Heart   Doreen Rao   SATB
Remember   Doreen Rao   SATB

The path of love is not always sunlit. In "Shades of Love," the music expresses a variety of emotions brought on by the diverse stages of love: ecstasy, tenderness, bitterness, wistfulness, eternal devotion. The colours and harmonies shift to match the mood of the poetry as each song portrays a different aspect of love.

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