Rhodopea Kaba Trio: Folk Songs (00 1 CD)

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Rhodopea Kaba Trio: Folk Songs

sobrali sa se, sobrali
tornal todyu
rositse, rusa devoyko
minka e rano stanala
brala moma rouja tsvete
mitro, mitro
oti mi lyube snoshta ni doyde
two songs from zagrajden
poustono ludo i mlado
karay macho
petline peyot lyube
mari mome
nadpevat se malki momi
kalina sedi v gradina
a bre yunache
mari rado
zashivay maycho zategay
gaydine sviryat
zashtim ne minesh sevdinko
tornalo mi e smolyansko vaklo devoyche
ne sohni, sortse

There is an ancient mythology sung by the followers of Orpheus which has been preserved as folk song in the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria. These are the sort of songs which have been given a concert hall exposure by the Bulgarian Women's Choir. The Rhodopea Kaba Trio are the musical living treasury of these ancient songs. The Kaba portion of their name refers to the fact that they are singing in a low register which corresponds to the sound of the kaba bagpipe, a favorite instrument in the Rhodope mountain area.You will hear not only a fascinating style of singing which begins with a monophonic melody and splits into three polyphonic planes but also, on four of the twenty-one songs, you will hear Ivelina Balcheva, a jazz singer, take off into her own improvisational embellishments of ancient tradition. We strongly suggest this recording to those who love the songs of Bulgarian women.

9724 00 1 CD $14.98   Female | 3 Members | Bulgaria
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