Pure Gold: The A Cappella Album (00 1 CD)

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Pure Gold: The A Cappella Album

Little Girl of Mine
Can't Help Loving that Girl of Mine
You're Gonna Cry
Tell Him
Vowels of Love
I Want a Chance
Every Day of the Week
Why do You Have to Go
Kiss and Make Up
Without You
Our Day Will Come
Love Potion Number Nine
Every Beat of my Heart
Lover Boy

This is the 3rd appearance of Pure Gold on the Collectables label. Pure Gold is Susan DeLuca, Ron Crawley, Frank Czuri, Robert Peckman and the deep bass of Sidney Hill, with the legendary Jimmy Beaumont of the Skyliners singing the lead on 'You're Gonna Cry' and 'Without You.' In addition to those two, some of our favorites: 'Little Girl of Mine,' 'Every Day of the Week,' 'Our Day Will Come,' 'Love Potion Number 9,' 'Every Beat of My Heart' and 'Lover Boy.' Sweet roots Doo-Wop, with a sound that's Pure Gold!

2551 00 1 CD $12.98   Male | United States | A Cappella | Doo wop
Music series: Pure Gold, Reunion, DC Finest: Acappella Christmas (00 1 CD)

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Pure Gold, Reunion, DC Finest: Acappella Christmas

Song Name   Composer
Twas The Night Before Christmas/ Silent Night
Your My Christmas Present
It's The Time
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Happy Holiday
Merry, Merry Christmas Baby
White Christmas   Irving Berlin
Merry Christmas Baby
Christmas Song
Christmas In Jail
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Children Go Where I Send Thee

Join three of the most entertaining doo-wop groups performing today for a jubilant holiday sing-along, street corner style! Carols sung with soul and verve - a refreshing change from the traditional. Enjoy Reunion's version of The Shells' 'Happy Holiday, ' or 'You're My Christmas Present,' as originally sung by The Skyliners and now performed by Pure Gold. D.C.'s Finest (an acappella group comprised of current and former police officers) sings 'Twas The Night Before Christmas/Silent Night' with shall we say, all the 'conviction' they can muster. A CD overflowing with good cheer.

Listen to Merry, Merry Christmas Baby in RealAudio.

8778 00 1 CD $12.98   Male | United States | A Cappella | Doo Wop Christmas
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