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Postyr Project: Postyr Project

Go! Don't Stop!
A Wave
In Vernalis
Elpa (Breath)
An Open Chapter
Go! Don't Stop!

Postyr Project is a mixed-voice (two women, three men) quintet out of Denmark, and on their debut album the five singers "strive to explore the border land between the natural softness and vitality of the human voice and the uncompromising and merciless roughness of electronic instruments." There are 13 tunes here, all sung in English, some such as "Interlude" are obviously accompanied; others like "Veins," "Go! Don't Stop!," "A Wave," "In Vernalis," " Elps (Breath)," "Broken," "An Open Chapter," "OMG," "RunRunRun" and "Walking" are more ambiguous and mostly focus on some wonderful, mysterious vocals. The last two cuts are an "Electrocrank Remix of Go! Don't Stop!," and a "SWAB Remix of Breath." There are some sweet leads, ethereal harmonies, haunting arrangements and lyrics here that touched and moved us, although some lyrics here are not for children or the easily-offended. That said, Postyr Project has a tremendous amount of vocal talent, and their self-titled debut CD is an impressive winner!

Listen to Go! Don't Stop! in RealAudio.

2047 00 1 CD $4.95   Mixed | 5 Members | Denmark | A Cappella | Mixed Voice Contemporary CDs
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