Petra Haden: Petra Goes To The Movies (00 1 CD)

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Petra Haden: Petra Goes To The Movies

Song Name   As Performed By
Rebel Without A Cause   Rebel Without A Cause
God's Lonely Man   Taxi Driver
Cool Hand Luke   Cool Hand Luke
Cinema Paradiso   Cinema Paradiso
A Fistful Of Dollars Theme   A Fistful Of Dollars
Psycho Main Title   Psycho
Carlotta's Galop   8 1/2
It Might Be You   Tootsie
The Planet Krypton   Superman
Superman Theme   Superman
My Bodyguard   My Bodyguard
Pascal's Walt   Big Night
Calling You   Bagdad Cafe
Hand Covers Bruise   The Social Network
This Is Not America   The Falcon and the Snowman

Stunning a cappella renditions of classic movie themes from Psycho to Taxi Driver to The Social Network. A one of a kind opportunity to experience some cinematic soundtracks in an extraordinary new way. Epic and evocative scores have been ingeniously recreated utilizing layers of remarkably inventive vocals. Far from a mere novelty, these interpretations retain every bit of emotional resonance and inspirational might as the originals.

2687 00 1 CD $14.95   Female | United States | A Cappella
Music series: Petra Haden: Sings The Who Sell Out (00 1 CD)

Product Details

Petra Haden: Sings The Who Sell Out

Armenia City In The Sky
Heinz Baked Beans
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
Our Love Was
I Can See For Miles
I Can't Reach You
Silas Stingy

One of the triplet daughters jazz bassist legend Charlie Haden, Petra grew up in a world of music, developing at a young age the ability to perfectly mimic the sounds of instruments she was hearing around the house. She developed complex arrangements in her head and could interpret all kinds of songs. The idea for "The Who Sell Out" came from her friend, bassist Mike Watt, who suggested that she attempt to re-imagine this classic Who album as an a cappella tour de force. He gave her an 8 track cassette tape with the Who album recorded onto one track and the other 7 empty, for her to fill with intricate vocal harmonies reinventing not only all the Who's instrumental parts, including drums and even the mock radio commercials so integral to the original lp. The final result is a technical tour-de-force that highlights the Who's own achievement while showing off the brilliant vocal talents and fresh point of view of Petra. 13 songs: "Armenia City In The Sky," "Heinz Baked Beans," "Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand," "Odorano," "Tattoo," "Our Love Was," "I Can See For Miles," "I Can't Reach You," "Medac," "Relax," "Silas Stingy," "Sunrise" and "Rael." Who needs a band when you have the vocal chops (and the 8-track recorder) to re-interpret a classic lp and turn it into an instant a cappella hit that Pete Townsend called "exquisite?" Who fans, Petra fans and those interested in pushing the a cappella envelope will want to listen to what Petra Haden has created here!

7451 00 1 CD $4.95   Female | 1 Members | United States | A Cappella | Female Contemporary CDs
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