Paul Carey: Play With Your Food (Sheet Music)

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Paul Carey: Play With Your Food

Song Name   Voicing
Summer's Bounty   SATB divisi
Mashed Potato / Love Poem   SATB divisi
Vending Machine   SATB divisi

This clever, lighter concert number for more advanced choirs is a three movement set featuring humorous texts by poets May Swenson, Sid Hoddes and Grey Held, inventively interpreted for choirs by composer Paul Carey. A challenging performance piece, but a lot of fun! Movement titles: Summer's Bounty, Mashed Potato/Love Poem, Vending Machine. Total Duration: ca. 7:00. (Movements may be performed separately.)

7218 Sheet Music $2.95   Mixed 5-8 Parts | A Cappella | Humorous A Cappella Arrangements
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