Our Mothers Daughters: Carry On (00 1 CD)

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Our Mothers Daughters: Carry On

Song Name   Composer
Yakkity Yak
Treat Her Like A Lady
Walkin' In Jerusalem
Seaside Rendezvous
You've Been In Love Too Long
That Lonesome Road   James Taylor
Remember That
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
South Of The Border
Hate Kills
Call Me
Let's Pretend
Yes We Can Can

"Carry On" is an impressive, generous CD from four very talented women, Colleen, Krisann, Barb and Joanne. They do Doo-Wop and Soul tunes "Treat Her Like A Lady," "You've Been In Love Too Long," "Yes We Can Can"), Gospel (the spiritual "Walkin' in Jerusalem," the upbeat "Angels" "Light At The End Of The Tunnel,"), Folk/Traditional (the jazzy 1920s British pop tune "Seaside Rendezvous " and the sweet traditional "That Lonesome Road" ), Country ("V.F.D."), Latin/Salsa (the silly "Oreo" and "South Of The Border,"), World ("Hate Kills," "Breaths" and "Yakkity Yak,") Swing ("Call Me"), and Contemporary ("Remember That," "Let's Pretend"). There's some non-vocal percussion (doumbek) and a little kazoo. Our attempts to find our more about them on the web and liner notes came up empty, but we do know that they've been together for about 10 years, they share a strong, positive feminist viewpoint, a great sense of humor, and they sing together with strength and spirit. Good stuff!

6798 00 1 CD $14.98   Female | Ensemble | United States | A Cappella | Female Choral CDs
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