One Direction: One Direction for Mixed Voices (Sheet Music)

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One Direction: One Direction for Mixed Voices

Song Name   Composer   Arranger   Voicing   As Performed By
What Makes You Beautiful   Ed Lojeski   SAB   One Direction
One Direction (Choral Highlights)   Mac Huff   SAB   One Direction
Live While We're Young   Mark Brymer   SAB   One Direction
Best Song Ever   Wayne Hector   Alan Billingsley   SAB   One Direction

The British boy band One Direction has captured the hearts and attention of young fans all over the world! The catchy single "What Makes You Beautiful", from their Up All Night album, is fun and upbeat and ideal for young choirs and audiences in this accessible setting. The up-tempo chart-topping "Live While We're Young" has a fantastic dance groove, fun triadic vocal harmonies and a built in audience of teen fans! Charting in over 20 countries, the Billboard Hot 100 hit "Best Song Ever" was declared the "Best Song of the Summer" by MTV. "Dance all night to the best song ever!"

7949 Sheet Music $7.95   England | SAB | Three Part Arrangements
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