Not To Scale: Not To Scale (00 1 CD)

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Not To Scale: Not To Scale

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Traffic Jam   Tripp Bains
I Got You ( I Feel Good)   Mark Medeley
Chuck E's In Love   Matt Sawchak
Some Minor Changes   Greg Bowman
The Water Is Wide   Yumiko Matsuoka
Spiderman   Steve Friedman
Mama Told Me Not To Come   Randy Newman   Brett Wilson
Don't Know Nothin'   Kim Lyke
Some Kind Of Wonderful   Tripp Bains
Cryin' Shame   Mark Medeley
Waltz For Debbie   Peder Karlsson
Elwood Decker   Richard Greene
There Will Never Be Another You   Jack Smith
Lullabye   Brett Wilson

A seven member mixed contemporary jazz group, "Not To Scale" performs accessible versions of songs such as "Chuck E's In Love," "I Feel Good" and "Some Kind Of Wonderful." The other ingredients in their sonic recipe distill a significant Real Group influence, heard on "Lullaby" and the Real Group's own "Waltz For Debby." The group was formed in North Carolina in 1997, and describe themselves as a fusion group, combining the energy of rock with the intervals of jazz.

5421 00 1 CD $14.98   Mixed | 7 Members | United States | A Cappella | Vocal Jazz CDs
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