Nina Gilbert: Three Shaker Spirituals (Sheet Music)

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Nina Gilbert: Three Shaker Spirituals

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
Oh, The Beautiful Treasure   Nina Gilbert   SSAA
We Will Walk with Mother and Mourn   Nina Gilbert   SSAA
Hop Up and Jump Up   Nina Gilbert   SSAA

Explore the American heritage of Shaker hymnody with these three settings of lesser-known, very appealing Shaker spirituals. Each brief setting grows from its underlying melody to make an exceptionally unified arrangement. With a different technique as the focus for each arrangement, these minute-long pieces make fine vocalises for your choir. "Oh the beautiful treasure," with its square rhythms, horn calls, and harmonic texture opening out and closing, is excellent for teaching chord tuning. "We will walk with Mother and mourn," with its smooth, stepwise, rising and falling melody, is a fine exercise for legato singing. "Hop up and jump up," with its crisp rhythms and phrase fragments tossed from part to part, calls for rhythmic clarity and clean entrances and cutoffs.

8035 Sheet Music $3.95   15 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | United States | SSAA | A Cappella | Spirituals Arrangements
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