Montezuma's Revenge: In Pursuit Of Pleasure (00 1 CD)

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Montezuma's Revenge: In Pursuit Of Pleasure

In The House Of Stone And Light
Calling You
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
I'm Da 1-4-U
Sometimes It Snows In April
No More I Love You's
Virtual Insanity
Decent And Distant

Hip Dutch group Montezuma's Revenge is back with this simply-produced contemporary recording. Allowing the songs and lead vocals center stage, the five men of Montezuma take on pop hits as well as lesser-known compositions from familiar artists, such as Prince's "Sometimes It Snows In April" and John Lennon's "Mother," in addition to self-penned originals (the sexy "I'm da 1-4-U"). "Plateau" has a hypnotic repeating minor-third accompaniment that drives the verse; the swirling descent of notes that are the setting of "Sometimes It Snows" are a modern tone-painting. The radio-friendly "Virtual Insanity" (Jamiroquai) lends itself well to this a cappella version; anyone who has heard the chorus once will recognize it instantly. This CD reveals more with each listen.

2776 00 1 CD $15.98   Male | 5 Members | The Netherlands | A Cappella | Male Contemporary CDs
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