Memories of You: Acappella (00 1 CD)

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Memories of You: Acappella

Darling I Love You
Chapel of Dreams
Little Girl of Mine
So Young
I'm Falling In Love
Let It Please Be You
My Juanita
Sunday Kind of Love
So In Love
My Vow to You
Darling Lorraine
Castle in the Sky
My Lorraine
Wondeful Girl
Sentimental Reasons
Memories of You

Mike Mastrolia (The Acappella Kid) sings soaring leads for Memories of You, has been singing Doo-Wop since the late 50s when he recorded an album with The Fortells at age 16. The other four men have been paying their dues equally as long, and have nicknames like "Singin' Eddie" and "Mr. Bassman." 17 songs, from "Gloria," "Darling I Love You," "Chapel of Dreams" and "I'm So Young" to "My Juanita," "My Vow To You," "Sentimental Reasons" and, appropriately, "My Memories of You." This is authentic stuff, much of which is new to us, from five guys who know what they're Doo-Wopping!

8242 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 5 Members | United States | A Cappella | Doo wop
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