Mary Schmary: Hidden Agenda Items (00 1 CD)

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Mary Schmary: Hidden Agenda Items

Abraham on the Bay Bridge
Babar the King
Bug Girl
Ecclesiasticus 31:1
The Koala Incident
More Than Human
Don't Buy Anything
La Cucaracha
Where Am I
I'll Take You There
Get Up & Jam
Already Gone
Sam & Roz
If I Had a Hamster

Purported, by the Schmaries themselves, to be the last hurrah after a nine year lifespan, "Hidden Agenda Items" careens into infinity with brash outrageousness. Originals, such as "Ecclesiasticus 31:1" and "Bug Girl," are stars in their own unique musical galaxy, one that perhaps hasn't been identified yet! With zest and humor ("Classic Rock/La Cucaracha"), they fuse elements of the blues, world, and plainchant; the Bobs come to mind as their spiritual counterparts. By the way, did we mention that the Schmaries are women (two basses, two altos/sopranos), but discard previously held notions about "girl a cappella groups"; they don't apply here. "Hidden Agenda Items" is a fiery ascent into the outer limits!

2589 00 1 CD $14.98   Female | 4 Members | United States | A Cappella | Female Contemporary CDs
Music series: Mary Schmary: Smarty Pants (00 1 CD)

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Mary Schmary: Smarty Pants

Never Will
I Put You There
Who Are You
Little Fish
Human Bean
More Than Human
Kicking Stones
Already Gone

Four incredibly smart women have combined their musical abilities to write and create some of the cleverest, thought provoking, and humorous tunes available. For humor, check out "I Put You There" and "Little Fish." The politically inspired, classical sounding "Uterus" is a no nonsense getoutofmyface tune. All in all the thought provoking reflections are leavened by a collective intellect seldom encountered in in a field so frequently thought of as "merely entertainment." If you are willing to be harmonized into thinking differently than you do now, this is for you!

2670 00 1 CD $14.98   Female | 4 Members | United States | A Cappella | Female Contemporary CDs
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