Marshall Bartholomew: Songs of Yale (01 Songbook)

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Marshall Bartholomew: Songs of Yale

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Bright College Years   Carl Wilhelm   Marshall Bartholomew
A Song for Old Yale   Thomas G Shepard
Mother of Men   Seth Bingham
Neath the Elms   Gustave J Stoeckel
Brave Mother Yale   Thomas G Shepard
Little Knot of Blue   Thomas G Shepard
Eli Yale
Where the Elm Tree Grows (The Scotchman)
Noah Webster   Marshall Bartholomew
The Battle of the Books   Arthur Hall
Sing a Song for Yale   Fenno Heath
True Blue Elihu   Arthur Hall
Integer Vitae
Amici   HS Thompson
Aura Lee   Francis Poulenc
Wake, Freshmen, Wake
Twilight   Thomas Koschai
And when the Leaves
Drink to me Only with Thine Eyes   Marshall Bartholomew
Shall I, Wasting in Despair
Why so Pale and Wan?
We Meet Again Tonight
The Pope
Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowl
Whiffenpoof Song
My Comrades, When I'm No More Drinking
Aj, Lucka Siroka (Ah, Meadow, Meadow, Fair and Wide)   Marshall Bartholomew
Ach, the Moon Climbs High
Come, Rally Tonight   Gustave Stoeckel
Jolly Life
Matin Bell
The Deitch Company
Little Dog
Switzer Boy   Gustave Stoeckel
Antoinette Birby
The Elizabethan Club
The Crew Song
Daddy is a Yale Man
We're Saving Ourselves for Yale   David Lippincott
I'm the Wife of the Life of the Party   Charles O'Hearn
Shut That Door!   Porter Steele
It's Hard to Kill a Fox in Connecticut   Charles O'Hearn
Not Yet, But Soon   Brian Hooker
When Pa was a Little Boy Like Me   EM Bostwick
Lux et Veritas   CM Spofford
Bermuda Buggy Ride   EL Wolf
Graceful and Easy
George Jones
My Evaline   AE Hall
My Sweet
Saloon   Dudley Miller
Slow Motion Time   Guy Hopper
We Were Gathering up the Roses   EM Bostwick
White Shoe Blues   Robert Johnson   Fenno Heath
The Old Wiff Song   David Lippincott   WS Collins
The Battle of Jericho   Marshall Bartholomew
Little Innocent Lamb   Marshall Bartholomew
Humble   Marshall Bartholomew
De Animals A Comin'   Marshall Bartholomew
Sister Mary Wore Three Lenths of Chain   Marshall Bartholomew
Keep in he Middle of the Road   Marshall Bartholomew
Roll, Jordan, Roll   Marshall Bartholomew
Ol' Ark's A Moverin'   Marshall Bartholomew
Steal Away   Marshall Bartholomew
I Got Shoes   Marshall Bartholomew
Ready When He Comes   Marshall Bartholomew
Moanin' Lady   EM Bostwick
Old Tom Wilson   Marshall Bartholomew
The First on my Charm   Marshall Bartholomew

Almost 100 songs in this fine collection of standards from the Yale Glee Club, one of the earliest such singing groups in the country. Now in it's 16th edition the book includes many of the classic arrangements of Dr. Stoeckel, the great instigator of collegiate singing groups in the 19th century.

1898 01 Songbook $19.95   232 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | United States | TTBB
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