Limestones: Set In Stone (00 1 CD)

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Limestones: Set In Stone

Sweet Dreams
In My Dreams
Kiss From A Rose
Mark's Theme
Planes and Satellites
Missing Your Love
That's All We Need

There seems no limit to the number of vocal ensembles that the prolific St Olaf's College in Minnesota brings forth. Already well known amongst the choral contingent are St Olaf's Choir and Cantus; now, this young contemporary male sextet is making their bid. Probably barely old enough to vote, but having been busy consuming pop music like breakfast cereal, they are already writing original material, as well as tackling sophisticated pop such as Seal's "Kiss From A Rose." These ten songs indicate a fondness for driving percussion, uptempo rhythms and proven harmonic values. A welcome addition to our collegiate line-up.

2587 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 6 Members | United States | A Cappella | Collegiate A Cappella
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