Lee R. Kesselman: Nights in Armor (Sheet Music)

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Lee R. Kesselman: Nights in Armor

Song Name   Voicing
Arthur's Final Words   SATB
The Knight and His Queen   SATB
Tristram's Madrigal    SATB
Merlin's Riddle    SATB

Nights in Armor is a four-movement suite for a cappella chorus evoking the legend of King Arthur as related by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The first movement "Merlin's Riddle" is a quirky, dance-like incantation, in which the famous sorcerer prophesies Arthur's coming. The second movement "The Knight and His Queen" is an imagined poem from the knight Lancelot to Queen Guinevere expressively calls forth feelings of unfulfillable love. "Tristram's Madrigal" - Sprightly, teasing music celebrates the joys of living in the moment, boldly blind to its consequences. "Arthur's Final Words" are the words of the mortally wounded King Arthur reflecting on life and the quest for ideals; the music artfully gives life to this wisdom.

8013 Sheet Music $6.95   42 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | England | SATB | A Cappella | English Choral Arrangements
Music series: Lee R. Kesselman: Scottish Folk Songs (Sheet Music)

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Lee R. Kesselman: Scottish Folk Songs

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
Skye Boat Song   Lee R. Kesselman   SA
Afton Water   Lee R. Kesselman   SA
The Birks of Aberfeldy   Lee R. Kesselman   SA
Auld Lang Syne   Lee R. Kesselman   SA
Loch Lomond   Lee R. Kesselman   SSA

Directed by Doreen Rao

"Loch Lomond" is one of the most famous of all Scottish song - a song of friendship, of love, and of parting. While "Auld Lang Syne" has become one of the most familiar in our culture, oft used for ushering in the new year, it remains a heartfelt air, extolling enduring friendship and waxing nostalgic over the passage of time. "The Birks Of Aberfeldy" is a dance piece! Let the rhythm and accents hold sway as the piano rolics and the singers tease, tempt, cajole and invite the Bonnie Lassie! Also Included in this package is the hauntingly beautiful "Skye Boat Song," and "Afton Water."

9282 Sheet Music $8.50   34 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | Scotland | SATB | A Cappella | Scottish Choral Music Arrangements
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