Lafaros: Acappella Serenades (00 1 CD)

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Lafaros: Acappella Serenades

Song Name   Composer
I'll Never Love Again
Remember Nina
Earth Angel
Sea of Love
O Solo Mio
My Island in the Sun
It's Only Make Believe
This Love of Mine
Maing Love for the First Time
Sit and Hold My Hand
Full Moon and Empty Arms
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me   Elton John / Tim Rice
Dream Lover
I Think of You / Lonely Heart

The Laferos is Frankie Lafero harmonizing with himself, and we bet he had a good laugh coming up with the 'group' name! You know Frank, from West Philly, who formed Frankie and the Fashions in 1963-well, this gifted performer went into a studio and laid down all the vocal parts on this CD, one by one. There are great covers: 'Earth Angel,' 'Remember Nina,' 'It's Only Make Believe,' 'Sea of Love,' 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me,' 'Dream Lover,' and a treat, two of Frank's originals, 'I'll Never Love Again,' and 'Making Love for the First Time.' We can say without fear of contradiction that the voices on Acappella Serenades are perfectly matched, and although we're not expecting a live tour anytime soon, this is some of the smoothest and sweetest doo-wop we've heard!

2562 00 1 CD $7.95   Male | 5 Members | United States | A Cappella | Doo wop
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