Kol Zimra: The Music Of Abie Rotenberg (00 1 CD)

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Kol Zimra: The Music Of Abie Rotenberg

U'vnay Yerushalayim
Boee V'Shalom
Hamedaber Tov & Hiney Lo Yonum
Lakohl Z'man & Habain Yakir
Menuchah V'Simcha
Siman Tov
Mi Bon Siyach
Ki Nichom
Yehi Shalom & Ani Maamin
Small Piece of Heaven
We Stand As One (Bonus Track)

Debut album by world-renowned vocal simcha (joy) group Kol Zimra doing neo-chasidic doo-wop. This contemporary a cappella male vocal group performs the most beloved Hebrew spiritual songs of Abie Rotenberg and introduces three of his new compositions. His music can best be characterized as "soft and sweet." On this recording the often performed solo songs are heard in dynamic a cappella arrangements. The printed lyrics are in Hebrew.

7416 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | United States | A Cappella | Male Contemporary CDs
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