Ken Berg: Three Estonian Carols (Sheet Music)

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Ken Berg: Three Estonian Carols

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
Ule Lume Lagedale (Over Snowy Winter Roads)   Ken Berg   SATB
Skating (Uisutamas)   Ken Berg   SATB
Little Tommy's Choir   Ken Berg   SATB

Fun settings of a traditional Estonian carols, these secular winter-themed songs reflects on the joys of winter and skating in a gentle waltz feel. Brisk and energetic songs with simple melody, limited ranges and shared rhythmic patters make them enjoyable for high school mixed choirs.. In Estonian, with a pronunciation guide and a singing English translation, this suits both beginning and more advanced mixed choirs, with quick and easy preparation for both choir and accompanist. Both Estonian and English text.

7445 Sheet Music $5.95   Estonia | SATB | | Choral Arrangements from The Baltics
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