Jitro Children's Choir: Jan Jirasek - Czech & Moravian Christmas Carols (00 1 CD)

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Jitro Children's Choir: Jan Jirasek - Czech & Moravian Christmas Carols

At Midnight on Christmas
Brothers I Have Heard
The Famous Day
I, Little One
Glad Tidings
Let Us Go to Bethlehem
Oh, the Holy Time of Christ
Hey Happy Tidings
The Sitting Farmer
Praise the Lord Jesus
On What God Sits
One Week Before Yuletide
Sweet Water Flowing
Dear God Above
Peace, Happiness, Good Healh
Dew Is Falling
We Welcome You, Dear Jesus
I Went A-Carolling
There Was a Well-Trod Path

Czech composer Jan Jirasek (b. 1955) was awarded the prestigious Czech Lion Award for his film music in Wild Flowers and An Ambiguous Report About the End of the World. His work has been represented at numerous venues and festivals throughout the world since 1989, and he has taught at several prestigious universities in Europe and the US. Over the last 40 years, the JITRO children's choir have toured extensively, performing over 2,800 concerts worldwide and recorded over 30 albums. The choir has been directed and conducted by Jiri Skopal since 1977.

2227 00 1 CD $16.95   Mixed | Chorus | Czech
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