Jerry Weseley Harris (arranged by): Renaissance Pieces for Women's Voices (Sheet Music)

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Jerry Weseley Harris (arranged by): Renaissance Pieces for Women's Voices

Song Name   Composer   Arranger   Voicing
Love Learns By Laughing   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Aye Me, Hey Ho   Thomas Weelkes   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Though Philomela Lost Her Love   Thomas Morley   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
My Bonnie Lass   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Oh Follow, Follow On!   Clement Janequin   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Fire, Fire, My Heart   Thomas Morley   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Amyntas With Phylis Faire   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Farewell, Dear Love   Robert Jones   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA
Since I First Saw Your Face   Robert Jones   Jerry Weseley Harris    SSA

Jerry Weseley Harris has more than 500 published choral compositions, arrangements and editions, sold throughout the world. Here is a great collection of arrangements from some of the masters of the Renaissance period that are accessible and fun to sing.

8071 Sheet Music $6.95   42 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | SSA. | A Cappella | Early Music Vocal Arrangements
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