James Rolfe: Three Compositions for Women's Voices (Sheet Music)

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James Rolfe: Three Compositions for Women's Voices

Song Name   Arranger   Voicing
A Flower Was Offer'd to Me   James Rolfe   SSAA
O You Whom I Often   James Rolfe   SSAA
Sleep, Sleep, Beauty Bright   James Rolfe   SSAA

The first of acclaimed Canadian composer J. Rolfe's "Three Compositions for Women's Voices" is "A Flower Was Offer'd to Me" which explores possession and desire, jealousy and rejection, using simple musical means to express Blake's deceptively simple words. The second piece "Sleep, Sleep, Beauty Bright" reflects the quiet intimacy of the Blake lullaby, portraying a sleeping infant's soft smiles and little frowns, as watched tenderly by loving parents. "O You Whom I Often" gives voice to the powerful longing in Whitman's, a quiet but steady flame, inextinguishable.

9711 Sheet Music $5.95   11 Pages | Softcover | 7 x 10 | Canada | SSAA | A Cappella | Canadian Choral Arrangements
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