Harry Belafonte Singers: My Lord What A Mornin' (00 1 CD)

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Harry Belafonte Singers: My Lord What A Mornin'

Wake Up Jacob
My Lord What A Mornin'
Buked And Scorned
Stars Shinin'
Oh Freedom
Were You There When They Crusified My Lord?
Oh Let Me Fly
Swing Low
March Down To Jordan
Steal Away

We were thrilled to discover "My Lord What a Mornin', an all-a cappella collection of classic spirituals originally released in 1960 by Harry Belafonte and a wonderful group of backup singers. If we were asked to name our favorite two pure vocal talents from that era, Nat King Cole and Harry Belafonte are at the top of our list, though they usually sang with orchestral or big band accompaniment. To hear Harry's sweet, soulful tenor, accompanied only by his exquisite backup singers is an unexpected treat! "Wake Up Jacob," the foot-tapping title tune, "Ezekiel," the powerful, joyous "Oh Freedom," the poignant, deeply-felt "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?," the spirited "Oh Let Me Fly," "Swing Low," "March Down to Jordan" and the Underground Railroad song "Steal Away" are all outstanding. Each of these 11 cuts is a revelation, and we could only listen, not believing the voices, the arrangements, and especially Harry, could be as good as this--simply some of the best a cappella spirituals we have ever heard. "My Lord" is a treasure, and a joy from beginning to end!

Listen to Swing Low in RealAudio.

2263 00 1 CD $9.95   Mixed | Ensemble | Spirituals CDs
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