Darach O' Cathain: Traditional Irish Unaccompanied Singing (00 1 CD)

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Darach O' Cathain: Traditional Irish Unaccompanied Singing

Tomas Ban Mac Aogain
Caoirigh Na Japs
Baile Ui Lai
Maire Ni Ghriofa
An Gabha Ceartan
An Beinnsin Luachra
An Sceilpin Draighneach
Caislean Ui Neill
Donnchadh Ban
Sail Óg Rua
Ta Na Paipeir Á Saighneail
An Caisideach Ban
Óro, Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile!

Darach S Cathain said once, "When you've music in you, you're hearing music always." This recording enables us to have and hear the power and love of a singer who is known as a giant figure in Irish traditional singing. His unaccompanied vocals, sung in Irish, are revered as examples of the finest and purest examples ever documented. Most of the songs in this recording he learned as a boy from his mother who only sang at home or with friends. He was a poet born of poets and had been writing songs since he was twelve. A romantic, he fell in love at 19, raised his family by working as a farmer for twelve years before emigrating to Leeds where these recordings were made. Here is the real tradition!

8542 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 1 Members | Ireland | A Cappella | Irish Vocal Harmony
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