Coro Hispano de San Francisco: Musica Criolla (00 1 CD)

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Coro Hispano de San Francisco: Musica Criolla

Song Name   Composer
-Misa Criolla   Ariel Ramirez
-Navidad nuestra   Ariel Ramirez
-Flor De Chanara   Oscar Sixto Bareilles

Directed by Juan Pedro Gaffney R.

The Coro Hispano de San Francisco presents an exciting program including one of the most popular works of the Latin American choral repertoire, Ariel Ramirez's Musica Criolla. Since its composition, the Misa has been a showpiece for choirs around the world. In it, Ramirez has created a work at once spiritually exalting and deeply rooted in the folk idiom of his people. It's architectural simplicity, subtlety of detail, and vibrant colors make a moving experience which the Coro Hispano has lovingly and fully captured in this recording. Navidad Nuestra, a six-movement Christmas suite is a long-standing favorite with Coro Hispano's audiences. Rounding out the program is Oscar Bareilles' brilliant choral triptych Flor de Chanar -which is an ideal foil to Ramirez' masterwork. One sets the classic texts of the mass, the other deals with folk poems of love - but both drawing deeply from the rhythms and melodic modes of the people of Argentina.

7706 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Latin America | | Latin American Choral
Music series: Coro Hispano de San Francisco: Ramillete (00 1 CD)

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Coro Hispano de San Francisco: Ramillete

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Te Deum in C   Francisco Delgado
Fecit Potenciam   Francisco Delgado
Laudate Dominum   Fray Martin Cruzelaegui
Cantico del Alba   anonymous
Gloria   Juan de Lienas
Agnus Dei    anonymous
Virgen Sancta   Francisco Guerrero
Plaza, Plaza!   Juan Gutierrez de Padilla
Las Mananitas Guadalupanas   Juan Pedro Gaffney R.
Los Coflades de la Estleya    Juan de Araujo
Keresimesi odu de o   Wendell Whalum
O Quam Suavis   Alonso Lobo
Digan, Digan   Antonio de Salazar
El Tilingo-lingo   Juan Pedro Gaffney R.
La Golondrina   Narciso Serradell   Juan Pedro Gaffney R.
Cuando Uno Quiere a Una   Juan Pedro Gaffney R.
Te Quiero Porque Te Quiero   Juan Pedro Gaffney R.
Es Bueno Darte Gracias, Senor   Juan Pedro Gaffney R.

Directed by Juan Pedro Gaffney R.

If "Mexican Baroque" has caught your ear, this wide-ranging anthology of choral music from Mexico, Central and South America is a must; it's got Latin American Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic and folk-originate works in a rich array of textures, styles and sonorities, from chorus-orchestra down to voice-and-guitar, all performed to the nines by the nation's premiere ensemble dedicated to this repertory: Coro Hispano de San Francisco. Brilliant vocal solos and on-target instrumental work by some of the West Coast's leading names in early music combine with foot-stomping Veracruz zapateados and robust, ranchera-style singing in this sampler from a half-dozen different concert programs. Latin America's choral music is a little-known treasure that's been quietly awaiting rediscovery for decades (or centuries- depending on how far back you want to go). Leading the way in its interpretation is the Coro Hispano de San Francisco, which has been exploring and performing this repertory exclusively since its first concert in 1975. On this disc-its third CD release- the nation's premiere Hispanic chorus turns in an amazingly varied sampling of music for voices and instruments from the cathedrals of Puebla, Lima and Sevilla, the ranchos of Early California, the plazas of Veracruz, all the way to the rain-forest missions of Paraguay and the mountain villages of Nigeria.

7884 00 1 CD $4.95   Mixed | Chorus | United States | | Latin American Choral
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