Chantels: Best of Chantels (00 1 CD)

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Chantels: Best of Chantels

He's Gone
The Plea
I've Lied (Willie Wilson & The Tunemasters)
So Real
Every Night (I Pray)
Whoever You Are
I Love You So
How Could You Call It Off?
Sure Of Love
If You Try
I Can't Take It (There's Our Song Again)
Goodbye To Love
Summer's Love (Richards Barrett With The Chantels)
Look In My Eyes
Well, I Told You

The Chantels were one of the first black all-girl groups to hit the national Billboard charts ('He's Gone,' 1957) and they inarguably set a new standard of quality that reflects well on their Catholic school musical training! Fronted by Arlene Smith, who was a classical pianist and songwriter, the young ladies were protogees of George Goldner's staff producer/writer/arranger Richard Barrett; they recorded for Goldner's End label in its early inception. This 'Best of' collection has the best of their recorded efforts, including their last hits, 'Look In My Eyes' and 'Well, I Told You,' that were made with replacement lead Annette Smith (no relation to Arlene). The group then disintegrated, but are still considered one of the best female harmony groups of all time.

8814 00 1 CD $12.98   Female | 5 Members | United States | | Doo wop
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