Cantemus Children's Choir: Choral Music of Kodaly 7 (00 1 CD)

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Cantemus Children's Choir: Choral Music of Kodaly 7

Song Name   Composer
See the gypsies   Zoltan Kodaly
Evening song   Zoltan Kodaly
Seven easy children's choruses   Zoltan Kodaly
Dancing song   Zoltan Kodaly
Stork song   Zoltan Kodaly
Hippity, hoppity   Zoltan Kodaly
Six humorous canons   Zoltan Kodaly
Honey, honey   Zoltan Kodaly
King Laszlo's men   Zoltan Kodaly
Gypsy lament   Zoltan Kodaly
Cohors generosa   Zoltan Kodaly
Horatii carmen   Zoltan Kodaly
Greeting on St John's Day   Zoltan Kodaly
St Gregory's Day   Zoltan Kodaly
Geneva Psalm CL   Zoltan Kodaly
A Christmas carol   Zoltan Kodaly
Hymn to St Stephen   Zoltan Kodaly
Angels and shepherds   Zoltan Kodaly
Epiphany   Zoltan Kodaly
Whitsuntide   Zoltan Kodaly

Hungary's most famous and innovative composer, Zoltan Kodaly explains his artistic mission thus: "One must write original works, whose point of departure, in their texts and melodies, is the child's soul and the child's voice." One of Kodaly's main interests was the teaching of singing in schools, and conductor Denes Szabo has followed that path, beginning at Primary School No. 4 in Nyiregyhaza in 1969. He directs the school's Cantemus Children's Chorus in 21 of Kodaly's compositions for children's, youth and female choruses, like "See the gypsies," "Evening song," "Seven easy children's choruses," "Hippity hoppity," "Honey, honey," "Gypsy lament," "St. Gregory's Day," "Angels and Shepherds" and "Epiphany." Spirited, award-winning Cantemus, directed by Szabo, is the perfect choice to sing this difficult, beautiful material. "Choral Music of Kodaly 7" is a treat!

7757 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Hungary | A Cappella | Hungarian Choral Music
Music series: Cantemus Children's Choir: Lajos Bardos (00 1 CD)

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Cantemus Children's Choir: Lajos Bardos

Song Name   Composer
Cantemus!   Lajos Bardos
On Sunny Roads   Lajos Bardos
Awake You, Youth!   Lajos Bardos
Fairy Song   Lajos Bardos
Blow the Pipe   Lajos Bardos
Kutamen - Three Choruses for Children   Lajos Bardos
Recruiting Song of the Hussars   Lajos Bardos
Breeze   Lajos Bardos
Hey, Put It Right!   Lajos Bardos
Rika, Rika   Lajos Bardos
High is the Rue Tree   Lajos Bardos
The Bride   Lajos Bardos
Tavunga   Lajos Bardos
To Ferenc Liszt   Lajos Bardos
In Memory of Bartok   Lajos Bardos
A Tale of Miracle   Lajos Bardos
Summer - Sunday   Lajos Bardos
St. Cecilia   Lajos Bardos
Gold - Winged Angel   Lajos Bardos
Ave Maris Stella   Lajos Bardos
Ave Maria   Lajos Bardos
The Blessed Virgin Mary   Lajos Bardos

Hungarian master composer Lajos Bardos (1899-1987) was an outstanding figure of the prominent generation of students of Kodaly and Bartok who, inspired by their ideas, did much for Hungarian musical culture. As with Kodaly and Bartok, after becoming a master, Bardos taught generations coming after him and was an active choral conductor (for the Cecilia Chorus, the Budapest Chorus and others) for decades. His work as a composer is represented on this disc by a selection of choruses for children's and female voices. Denes Szabo directs the Cantemus Children's Choir and Pro Musica in these 27 lively choral works: "Cantemus!," "On Sunny Roads," "Awake You, Youth," "Blow the Pipe," "Three Choruses for Children," the dramatic "Recruiting Song of the Hussars," "Breeze," "Hey, Put It Right!," the 2-part "The Bride," "To Ferenc Liszt," "In Memory of Bartok," "Summer-Sunday," "Gold-Winged Angel," and the sacred songs "Ave Maris Stella," "Ave Maria" and "The Blessed Virgin Mary." There is piano accompaniment on a few tunes. The high, bright voices of the children go perfectly with this material by a man whose life and work remain a gift to Hungary and to the world.

7776 00 1 CD $15.98   Female | Chorus | Hungary | | Hungarian Choral Music
Music series: Cantemus Children's Choir: Bartok Choral Works (00 SACD)

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Cantemus Children's Choir: Bartok Choral Works

Ne Hagyj Itt
Level az Otthoniakhoz
Hejja, Hejja, Karahejja
Ne Menj El
Van Egy Gyurum, Karica
Senkim a Vilagon
Resteknek Notaja
Mihalynapi Koszonto
Ne Lattalak Volna!
Elment a Madarka
Parnas Tancdal
Isten Veled!

Bartok's two- and three-part choruses for children's and female voices, his best-known choral cycle worldwide, appears at first sight to be distinct from the rest of his oeuvre. It is a textually inspired composition, whose arrival might seem unexpected in the period when he composed large instrumental works in the consolidated classical style, such as the String Quartet No. 5 (1934), the Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta (1936), and the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion (1937). Yet it sits easily in relation to his oeuvre as a whole.

9057 00 SACD $17.25   Mixed | Chorus | Hungary | SATB | | Mixed Childrens Choirs
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