Bob Martin: Men's Vocal Jazz Standards 2 (Sheet Music)

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Bob Martin: Men's Vocal Jazz Standards 2

Song Name   Composer   Arranger   Voicing
Blue and Sentimental   Bob Martin   TTBB
Let's Get Away From It All   Bob Martin   TTBB
Lillette   Bob Martin   TTBB
I've Got a Crush on You   George Gershwin   Bob Martin   TTBB

"Blue And Sentimental" is a slow grooving version of this Basie classic. It starts out right on the chorus with everyone on words. "Oo's" on bridge the first time around with a half step modulation into the last 'A'. This is a very tight arrangement with ample opportunity to work on swing feel by accenting the upbeat on eighth note passages. "I've Got A Crush On You" starts with a rubato introduction into a slow-ish swing groove for the chorus. The verse is in the middle and is sung rubato with "oo's" behind the lead. Back to tempo second time around with a half-step modulation into the last'A' with a ritard into the ending. "Let's Get Away From It All" is a snappy, toe-tapping rendition. It starts right in on the chorus and cruises along to a big ending. Straight-ahead, very fun to sing, and makes a great show opener. "Lillette" is a somewhat rare tune performed by the Nat Cole trio in his early days. It starts out with a rubato verse going into a snappy chorus with tons of fun syncopated rhythms that keep things moving. Stop time kicks in the tag send this one off with a bang.

4762 Sheet Music $13.95   Softcover | 9 x 12 | TTBB | A Cappella | Vocal Jazz Arrangements
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