Bjork: Medula (00 1 CD)

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Bjork: Medula

Pleasure Is All Mine
Show Me Forgiveness
Where Is the Line
Oll Birtan
Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)
Desired Constellation
Sonnets / Unrealities XI
Mouth's Cradle
Triumph of a Heart

Latin for "marrow," Medulla makes use of the human voice as its core instrument. Bjork, who has gradually reduced her dependence on the mechanical, has created an ethereal atmosphere. Combining her unique vocal timber and deeply creative writing style, this CD is incredibly heartfelt. Occasionally accompanied by synthesizer or piano, most of the musical support comes from choirs and other guest voices like Mike Patton of Faith No More and Tanya Tagaq, an Inuit throat-singer. The songs on this recording cover a wide range of feelings. In "Mouths Cradle," Bjork concludes, "I need a shelter to build an altar away from Osamas and Bushes," and she fronts a choir in a somber Icelandic song called "Vokuro," which means "Vigil." In some cases, there are no words, only visceral sounds giving commentary on their titles. This album also features the song "Oceania," which was written for the opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Fans of Bjork will certainly love this recording. New comers to her work will also find this to be a fascinating project.

7423 00 1 CD $14.95   Female | 1 Members | Iceland | A Cappella | Female Contemporary CDs
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