Amabile Youth Singers: Hatfield - All Good People (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Hatfield - All Good People

Don't Bend Down
Missa Brevis-
Agnus Dei
Ohisashi Buri
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
Un Flambeau, Jeannette Isabelle
When The Stars Fall
Ka hia manu
Son de Camaguey
All For Me Grog
All Too Soon
Double Shot (Honey in the Rock)
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
Living In A Holy City
God-Bless Wassail

Directed by Stephen Hatfield

Award-winning conductor Stephen Hatfield's London, Canada-based Amabile Boys Choirs have entertained audiences throughout Canada, the US, Europe and Australia, receiving numerous awards including 10 first places at the prestigious CBC Choral Competition. The ABC's refreshingly varied song selection and clean, spirited harmonies are in ample evidence on "All Good People," beginning from the first exuberant cut, the Reggae tune "Don't Bend Down." 18 other gems follow: the 4-part "Missa Brevis," the Japanese work song "Ohisashi buri" (It's been a long time), the spiritual "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel," the lovely "When The Stars Fall," the salsa-flavored "Son de Camaguey," the raucous sea shanty "All For Me Grog," the heart-tugging "All Too Soon," "Double Shot," the spirited "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well," and the South African tune "Dubula." Each song surprises us with the energy and joy of singing of these talented boys. We have heard some of these songs before, but Amabile makes each one their own, the definitive version. "All Good People" is a treat, and winning CD #4 for Amabile!

7691 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: Family Tree (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Family Tree

Song Name   Composer
Uberlebensgross   Stephen Hatfield
For Elizabeth: Gold, Frank Innocence And Mirth   Stephen Hatfield
Take A Step   Stephen Hatfield
Family Tree   Stephen Hatfield
O -Yo - Yo   Stephen Hatfield
Let Me Ask You   Stephen Hatfield
Set   Stephen Hatfield
O Sapo   Stephen Hatfield
A Maid That's Deep In Love   Stephen Hatfield
Las Amarillas   Stephen Hatfield
Dwa Serduszka   Stephen Hatfield
Double Lotus   Stephen Hatfield
Christmas Cantata - When The Night Is Sweet With Starlight   Stephen Hatfield

Directed by Brenda Zadorsky

London, Ontario, Canada boasts seven children's choirs, and the Youth Singers, founded in 1985, is an auditioned choir of 50 young women ages 12 to 24. John Barron directs this sweet-singing choir in the music of Canadian composter Stephen Hatfield, who were the first choir to commission him, and their early recordings of his work were very important in establishing his reputation. There are 25 cuts here, favorites are "Uberlebensgross," the title tune,"O-Yo-Yo," "Let Me Ask You," the rhythmic "O Sapo," the haunting "A Maid That's Deep In Love" and "Dwa Serduszka." Cuts 13 to 25 are Hatfield's sublime "Christmas Cantata." There's considerable non-vocal percussion, and some flute, bass and acoustic guitar and handbells on the album. The beautiful, soaring blended voices are perfect for Hatfield's excellent compositions. A very special collection by one of the best youth choirs in the world.

8308 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | Canadian Choral Recordings
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: Wrapped in Song (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Wrapped in Song

Song Name   Composer
Dona Nobis Pacem I    Bob Chilcott
O Magnum Mysterium   Morten Lauridsen
Dona Nobis Pacem II    Bob Chilcott
My Master From A Garden Rose   Eleanor Daley
Flanders Fields   Paul Aitken
Le Temps De Vivre    Georges Moustaki
Dona Nobis Pacem III    Bob Chilcott
El Hambo   Jaakko Mantyjarvi
Rattle On The Stovepipe
iod Mar Chaidh an Cal a Dholaidh
The Banks On The Don
Song Of The Breton Fishermen
Un Canadien Errant
Dona Nobis Pacem IV   Bob Chilcott
O Magnum Mysterium   Tomas Luis de Victoria
Sing Me To Heaven    Daniel Gawthrop
Sing Lullaby   Herbert Howells
Gloria In Exelcis Deo   Eleanor Daley
Precious Lord
The Rain Is Over And Gone
Worthy To Be Praised    Byron Smith
And So It Goes   Billy Joel
Dona Nobis Pacem V    Bob Chilcott

The ACC is is a mixed-voice ensemble of 50 senior members of the seven London, Ontario, Canada children's choirs. 24 beautiful pieces, including Bob Chilcott's "Dona Nobis Pacem," versions I-IV, a pair of "O Magnum Mysteriums," one by Lauridsen and one by Thomas Luis de Victoria., Eleanor Daley's "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" and "My Master from a Garden Rose," and three with guest soloist Denise Pelley, "The Rain is Over and Gone," "Worthy to Be Praised" and "I Go to the Rock." Secular tunes "Flanders Fields," "The Banks of the Don," "Song of the Breton Fishermen," "Un Canadian errant" and Billy Joel's "And So It Goes" are also very special. Some piano accompaniment. We enjoyed every cut of this beautifully crafted collection from talented Amabile!

8309 00 1 CD $15.98   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: She Shall Have Music (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: She Shall Have Music

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
She Shall Have Music   Nick Page
To Be Young   Brunner
A Song From The Heart   Eshelman
Think On Me   Mary Queen Of Scots
The Poet Sings   Stroope
Dirait-On   Morten Lauridsen
The Lily And The Rose   Bob Chilcott
Come To Me O My Love    Petker
Sing A Song   Robertson
One Song   Perry
Just A Single Voice    Jay Althouse / Sally Albrecht
Music Is My Life   Butler
He's Gone Away    Traditional   Ron Nelson
Banks Of Doon   Schultz
No Thank You John   Gray
Joan Of Arc   Huber
Give Us Hope    Papoulis   Francisco Nunez
A-Tisket A-Tasket    Fitzgerald   David Elliot
Someone To Watch Over Me   Gershwin   Kirby Shaw
Lullaby   Billie Joel   Mac Huff
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend   Jules Styne   Alan Billingsley
My Guy   Robinson   Mac Huff
Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)   Conrad   Ed Lojeski

Directed by Wendy Gee / Jacquelyn Norman

The young women of the Junior Amabile Singers, one of 7 choirs in the Amabile Choirs of London, Canada, are joined in this exploration of the hopes, desires and human experiences of today's young women by the Amabile Da Capo Choir, a training choir for the JAS. Artistic directors Jacquelyn Norman and Wendy Gee conduct them in this rich collection of 23 lightly accompanied songs. Favorites are the title tune, whose lyrics are from the nursery rhyme, "Ride a cock horse to Banbury cross," Darla Eshelman's "A Song from the Heart," Z. Randall Stroope's "The Poet Sings," Bob Chilcott's "The Lily and the Rose," Ed Robertson's "Sing a Song," Eugene Butler's "Music is My Life," Ruth Morris Gray's lilting, humorous "No Thank You, John," Ella Fitzgerald's "A-Tisket, A-Tasket," the Gershwins' "Someone to Watch Over Me," Billy Joel's "Lullabye" and Smokey Robinson's "My Guy." This is a poised, confident collection by one of the finest young women's ensembles in the world, beautiful, entertaining and moving.

8599 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: Garden of Delights (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Garden of Delights

The Snow - Elgar
Song Of The Angels - Sirett
Lullaby - Brahms
No Di Voi Non Vo Fidarmi - Handel
I Thank You God - Walker
Mi'Kmaq Honour Song - Adams
Mary Speaks - Gawthrop
Each Child - Daley
Choose Something Like A Star - Thompson
Noel Des Enfants Qui Non Plus Des Maisons - Debussy
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Ave Maria - Bevan
Serenity - Ives
Cloths Of Heaven - Daley
A Girl's Garden - Thompson
Poi E
Pseudo-Yoik Lite
Paruparong Bukid
Over The Rainbow
Praise His Holy Name - Hampton

Since its founding in 1985, the Amabile Youth Singers of London, Canada has developed the musical talents of hundreds of young singers. This auditioned ensemble features 65 young women ages 12 to 21. No strangers to competitions, founding directors John Barron and Brenda Zadorsky have led them to wins in 11 national and 4 international competitions. "Garden" is a lightly-accompanied, varied collection of 20 songs-some favorites are E. Elgar's "The Snow," J. Brahms' "Lullaby," Handel's "No, divoi non vo fidarmi," D. Gawthrop's "Mary Speaks," E. Daley's lovely "Each Child," R. Thompson's "Choose Something Like a Star," A. Bevan's "Ave Maria," C. Ives' "Serenity," R. Thompson's "A Girl's Garden," J. Mantyjarvi's surprising, eclectic "Pseudo-Yoik Lite" the joyous, soaring "Paruparong Bukid" and Harold Arlen's "Over the Rainbow." Some of these pieces are dissonant and difficult to perform, but these young women make it sound easy. If you'd like a tasty feast of tunes by one of the best young women's ensembles on the planet, the aptly-named "Garden of Delights" is for you!

8617 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: Sing the Music of Stephen Hatfield (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Sing the Music of Stephen Hatfield

Song Name   Composer   Arranger
Run Children, Run   Stephen Hatfield
Vus Vet Zayn   Stephen Hatfield
Ower the Hills   Stephen Hatfield
Camino Caminante   Stephen Hatfield
Three Ways to Vacuum Your House   Stephen Hatfield
Queen Jane   Stephen Hatfield
When It Was Yet Dark   Stephen Hatfield
Once I Had a Sweetheart   Stephen Hatfield
Odi Odi   Stephen Hatfield
Sweet Tooth   Stephen Hatfield
Crimson, Ivory and Aquamarine   Stephen Hatfield
La Lluvia   Stephen Hatfield
Old Fox Wassail   Stephen Hatfield
Ya Faraoule   Stephen Hatfield
TJAK!   Stephen Hatfield

Directed by Stephen Hatfield

The Amabile (Ah MAH bee lay) Singers, based in London, Ontario, Canada is an auditioned choir of 50 young women, ages 12 to 23 years. It exists to give its members musical experiences of the highest caliber and to develop musical talents. Its repertoire ranges from Medieval to Broadway. Amabile rose quickly to national and international prominence with competition wins at the CBC Biennial Choral Competition, International Choral Competition, and many others. They have toured Europe several times and performed at Carnegie Hall. The music of Canadian composer Stephen Hatfield is surprising and wonderful, and it has never sounded better. 17 songs, the energetic spiritual "Run Children Run," the dramatic "Vus Vet Zayn," the lovely "Camino Caminante," the powerful 3-part a cappella gem, "Three Ways to Vacuum Your House," the sweet, plaintive "Queen Jane," the haunting "When It Was Dark," the plaintive "Once I Had a Sweetheart," the finger-snapping "Sweet Tooth," "Crimson, Ivory and Aquamarine" and "La Lluvia" (with percussion by Hatfield and others), the short, harmonic "Old Fox Wassail," the complex, dramatic, accompanied "Ya Faraoule" and the rhythmic, primitive "TJAK!" are favorites. This is edgy, interesting, entertaining stuff that definitely pushes the Choral envelope.

8725 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | | Mixed Childrens Choirs
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: Live & Kicking! (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Live & Kicking!

Song Name   As Performed By
Oolichan   300 Voices
Ahe Lau Makani   All Trebles
O Yo Yo   Amibile Young Men's Ensemble
Two Minutes Before Sleep   Da Capo
Foggy Birthday Shuffle   Da Capo
Set   Junior Amabile Singers
No Rock   Junior Amabile Singers
Ka Hia Manu   Chamber Choir
Three- part Conniption   Treble Concert Choir
Ain't That News   All Trebles
Acceptance Speech   All Trebles
Nukapianguaq   Primus
All for Me Grog   300 Voices
Living in a Holy City   300 Voices
Hard Shoulder   Chamber Choir
Heaven Somewhere   Amibile Young Men's Ensemble
Dubula   300 Voices

Directed by Stephen Hatfield

Composer's Notes: The title for this CD refers to the fact that it opens and closes with all 300 members of the Amabile family singing and dancing in killer versions of "Oolichan" and "Dubula". These live performances, which I conducted, show all the Amabile choirs at their most fiery and confident, and include several massed choir selections that give an extra richness to the sound. The massed Amabile trebles give stunning performances of "Ahe Lau Makani", "Ain't That News" and "Acceptance Speech". The Amabile men are at their Olympian peak with "Heaven Somewhere" and "O Yo Yo". "Living In A Holy City" and "All For Me Grog" are sung as only 300 voices can sing them, while the younger choirs in the Amabile family give stand-out versions of "Two Minutes Before Sleep", "Foggy Birthday Shuffle", "Set" and the previously unavailable "Three-Part Conniption". In addition to the fourteen live performances that capture the singers at their high-flying best, the CD includes three treasures from the studio: the Amabile men tear up the speakers with their show-stopping TTBB version of "Nukapianguaq" ; the Chamber Choir gives their definitive performance of "Hard Shoulder", one of my best pieces ; and the Junior Amabile Singers serve up one of the rarest of Hatfield recordings, the reggae-soaked "No Rock". Fans of Amabile and Hatfield will not be disappointed in this collection of treasures from the archives.

8924 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | Canadian Choral Recordings
Music series: Amabile Youth Singers: Early Classics & Late Greats (00 1 CD)

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Amabile Youth Singers: Early Classics & Late Greats

Song Name   Composer
Heaven Bound Train   Stephen Hatfield
African Celebration   Stephen Hatfield
Amazing Grace   Stephen Hatfield
Nukapianguaq   Stephen Hatfield
La Lluvia   Stephen Hatfield
Geordie   Stephen Hatfield
The Sparks Fly Upward   Stephen Hatfield
Apple Tree Wassail   Stephen Hatfield
TJAK!   Stephen Hatfield
Missa Brevis-Kyrie   Stephen Hatfield
Missa Brevis-Gloria   Stephen Hatfield
Missa Brevis-Sanctus   Stephen Hatfield
Missa Brevis-Agnus Dei   Stephen Hatfield
Carol of the Ladder   Stephen Hatfield
J'ai vu le loup   Stephen Hatfield
Three Ways to Vaccuum Your House (II)   Stephen Hatfield
Go Where I Send Thee   Stephen Hatfield
Once I Had a Sweetheart   Stephen Hatfield
The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy   Stephen Hatfield

Directed by Stephen Hatfield

Composer's Notes: The first pieces I wrote for the Amabile Youth Singers, beautifully conducted by John Barron, were the cornerstone of my career. People often ask why they can't get those early classics on one CD. Now you can. Here in one collection are the legendary performances of "Nukapianguaq", "African Celebration", "Heaven Bound Train", "Missa Brevis", "The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy", and more from those astonishing early sessions in 1991-95. Spanning fifteen years of recordings, the CD also features the choir under my direction in superb live performances of new material such as "Geordie" and "The Sparks Fly Upward", plus gorgeous concert versions of "Once I Had A Sweetheart" and the 2nd movement of "Three Ways To Vaccum Your House". I am especially delighted that the CD includes several beloved performances that have never been commercially available before, such as the ferocious live version of "TJAK!", the first, unreleased recording of "La Lluvia" which remains my favourite version of the piece, and a radiant, mystical "Amazing Grace", performed here with oboe instead of bagpipes.

Listen to Three Ways to Vaccuum Your House (II) in RealAudio.

8925 00 1 CD $15.95   Mixed | Chorus | Canada | Canadian Choral Recordings
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