Altman, Sean : Seandemonium (00 1 CD)

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Altman, Sean : Seandemonium

Baby Go Bye Bye
I Quit
Falling Over You
Marry Me
Married Man
Days Easy Moan
I Wont Mind
The Pink Pig
Be My Friend
Julie Gone
Perky Interlude
Hazel Eyes
Sullen Malaise
Miserable Destiny
My Parent's Son
Polly Gets
You're Mine
Max & Sean's Phresh Jew Thang
Presto Change-o
I'm Waiting
Male Pattern Baldness
Are You a Man?

It seemed confusing to have Sean Altman leave Rockapella for uncharted waters. With the release of SeanDEMOnium it is evident he wasn't confused. Thanks to overdubbing and his trusty Tascam 686 we are showered with his musical vision, both vocal and instrumentally accompanied. Jeff Thatcher helped the project with vocal percussion on a number of the "pure" tracks. When you hear his guitar work though you will understand why he wants to front a rock band. When you hear his a cappella work you will bemoan his desire to front a rock band, but hear it you should.

2515 00 1 CD $14.98   Male | 1 Members | United States | | Male Contemporary CDs
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