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1999 - Sweet Adelines Queens of Harmony

Lead: Judy Baxter. Tenor: Charla Esser. Baritone: Dale Syverson. Bass: Peggy Gram.

Rumors, the 1999 International Champion Quartet of Sweet Adelines International has been singing together for five years, but have known each other for more than 20. When they were jailed in 1993 for falsely representing themselves as sane individuals, they found that singing together didn't make them deathly ill, just mildly dizzy, sometimes nauseated. This was an acceptable trade off for ringing chords now and then.

All four are career women in very diverse fields. In a field in Richardson Texas, the baritone, Dale Syverson, is the entertainment director for a nudist community. She has donned clothes especially for the publicity picture and, as their contract specifies, for all show performances. Any afterglow performance should be viewed as an "attend at your own risk" proposition. Lead Judy Baxter, a north Dallas outfielder, is a crisis counselor at the same community. She is the top ranked professional in the field for creating crisis in a controlled atmosphere. Only Hurricane Andrew has a higher ranking. Out standing in her field is Peggy Barnes, Bass, a world renowned nape model from Maumelle, Arkansas. She is the only human being to have a perfect hairline at the nape of her neck and make a living from it. And lastly from her field of dreams in Lewisville, Texas, tenor Charla Clare has made her career of portraying Rapunzel in more than 100 billion children's books and 11,451 personal appearances.

Group members: Dale Syverson, Judy Baxter, Peggy Barne, Charla Clare.

Songbooks, Arrangements and/or Media

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Rumors : Caught In The Act : 00  1 CD

Rumors : Caught In The Act

Rumors burst onto the scene in 1997, stealing the show at the Sweet Adelines International Competition. Many in the audience thought they had won, until it was discovered they had gone over their time limit by 18 seconds-just enough to bump them from first place. The next year, conspicuously wearing watches, Rumors was crowned the Best Quartet in the World, 1999 International Champions. The phenomenon that is Rumors has given us two excellent CDs before "Caught," 1997's "Confirmed" and 1999's "Rumors are Flying!" all performed with their trademark class, style and humor. Twelve songs: "It's Sandman" recalls the Andrews Sisters in their prime, a smooth and sweet "When I Fall In Love," "This Masquerade," a toe-tapping "All Bound Round," the lovely "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again," the hilarious "Pretty Little Dolly" (who can do much more than just talk), "Back In The Old Routine," "Ability To Swing," "I Know Him So Well (from "Chess"), You'll Never Know, John Fogerty's "Proud Mary" and a helping of consummate comedienne Dale Syverson's humor, "Cats." The audience is alternately in applause, awe and stitches as the Best Quartet in the World blows them, and us, away. Marvelous!

Songlist: It's Sandman, When I Fall In Love, This Masquerade, All Bound Round, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, The Pretty Little Dolly, Back In The Old Routine, Ability To Swing, I Know Him So Well, You'll Never Know, Proud Mary, Cats

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5561c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Rumors : Rumors Are Flying : 00  1 CD

Rumors : Rumors Are Flying

This year's Sweet Adelines Champs, Rumors - Dale, Judy, Peggy and Charla - steadfastly refuse to take themselves seriously. From this refreshing and modern approach, as exemplified by the cover photo of the four on a motorcycle, (even if just barely), we hear women's barbershop for the year 2000. The first cut, "We Are Family," which is as catchy a dance single as was ever written, is definitely not a contest arrangement, but it's good fun ("Don't You Worry About A Thing" has a similar vibe). The remainder of the material consists of deft and confident versions of songs such as "I Didn't Want To Fall," "My Buddy" and "Jeepers Creepers." "The Lady Down The Hall" features a poignant solo lead by Charla Clare. Rumor's sound is exceptionally full, thanks in large part to the resonant and poweful bass of Peggy Barnes, which can be heard to good effect in "Come Take Your Place In My Heart."

Songlist: We Are Family, I Didn't Want To Fall, My Buddy, There's Gonna Be The Devil To Pay, Heartaches, Jeepers Creepers, The Lady Down The Hall, Ballin' The Jack, Come Take Your Place In My Heart, Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing, It Is Well With My Soul, There's A Meetin' Here Tonight

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5554c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

Rumors : Something To Talk About : 00  1 CD

Rumors : Something To Talk About

The four talented women of Rumors had been singing together for five years when they were named 1999 International Sweet Adelines Quartet Champions. Since then Charla, Judy, Dale and Peggy have honed and perfected their audience-pleasing a cappella style, and sublime arrangements by premier arranger Anna-Maria Nystrom have added a new dimension to their recordings and live performances. "Something," the group's 4th excellent CD has 12 songs, some favorites are: the Motown classic "Ain't No Sunshine," "Aubrey" (featuring soloist Steve DeCrow), "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2, "God Only Knows," Carole King's "I Feel The Earth Move," Sting's marvelous hit "Fields of Gold," the title tune and Harold Arlen and CY Harburg's "Over the Rainbow." "Something" is a winner from Sweet Adelines Champions who have continued to reach for, and achieve, new levels of musical artistry.

Songlist: Ain't No Sunshine, Way Over Yonder, Aubrey, Time and Tide, God Only Knows, When She Loved Me, I Feel The Earth Move, Fields of Gold, Scotland the Brave, Something To Talk About, Over the Rainbow, Promises

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5698c | 1 CD | $14.98 | A Cappella

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