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Zhou Long

Zhou Long

Born into an artistic family, Zhou Long began studying piano from an early age. Due to the artistic restrictions implemented during the Cultural Revolution, he was forced to delay his piano studies and live on a rural state-run farm where he operated a tractor in the fields. The deserted landscapes with horrible winds and fires experienced during the Cultural Revolution made a deep impression and influence his compositions even today. Nearing the end of the Cultural Revolution, he was able to resume his musical studies in the areas of composition, music theory, conducting and also traditional Chinese music. Only one year after the end of the Cultural Revolution, Zhou Long was one of one hundred students chosen from eighteen thousand applicants to study at the newly reopened Beijing Central Conservatory in 1977. From 1977-1983, he studied composition with Wu Zu-qiang. After graduating in 1983, Zhou Long was appointed with the position of composer-in-residence with the National Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra of China. With only a brief stay in this position, Zhou Long journeyed to the United States under a fellowship to attend Columbia University and further his composition studies with Chou Wen-chung, Mario Davidovsky, and George Edwards, receiving a Doctor of Musical Arts in 1993. Living in Brooklyn, New York, he became the music director of Music from China, a group founded in 1984 with the aim of presenting concerts of traditional Chinese music in the United States. Under the direction of Zhou Long, Music from China expanded its original goals to also encompass contemporary Chinese works that reflect both Chinese and Western sound worlds and musical languages. After a decade of devoted artistic ingenuity, Zhou Long was given the ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award in 1999.


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Zhou Long : Four Seasons : SSAA : 01 Songbook : Zhou Long : 9780193867796 : 9780193867796

Zhou Long : Four Seasons

Review: Zhou Long (b. July 8, 1953, Beijing) is internationally recognized for creating a unique body of music that brings together the aesthetic concepts and musical elements of East and West. Deeply grounded in the entire spectrum of his Chinese heritage, including folk, philosophical, and spiritual ideals, he is a pioneer in transferring the idiomatic sounds and techniques of ancient Chinese musical traditions to modern Western instruments and ensembles. This is a collection of traditional Chinese folk songs selected to reflect the four seasons that will add a nice touch of the orient to your repertoire.

Songlist: Spring - River Scenes on a Spring Evening, Summer - The True Face of Mount Lu, Autumn - Moon Song at Mount Emei, Winter - Snowy River

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9103c | Songbook $3.95 | SSAA add item to cart Asian Choral Arrangements

Zhou Long : Two Poems from the Book of Songs : SSAATTBB : 01 Songbook : Zhou Long : 9780193865198

Zhou Long : Two Poems from the Book of Songs

Review: The text from this work is selected from The Book of Songs, China's earliest anthology of poetry consisting of 305 songs popular between the 11th and 6tth centuries B.C. More than half of them are folk songs from various parts of the country, while the rest are ceremonial or festive songs sung at court or at banquets and hymns used during sacrifices to the gods or one's ancestors. Most of the poems are written in a simple and natural style to times and have been highly appreciated throughout the ages and have exerted a profound influence on the development of Chinese literature. The composer has chosen an English translation of the two poems so that this oldest of China's literary classics may be better understood. The musical style is not restricted to the traditional folk song form in pentatonic scale: freer melodic expression is achieved through atonal means and the style of a rustic song is retained. "The Peach Tree" (Tao Yao) is concerned with the popular marriage customs, where woman are considered the possession of men. "Gathering Plantain" (Fou Yi) is a work song sung by women as they gather plantain grass.

Songlist: The Peach Tree (Tao Yao), Gathering Plantain (Fou Yi)

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9617b | Songbook $8.95 | SSAATTBB add item to cart Asian Choral Arrangements

Zhou Long : Words of the Sun : 01 Songbook : Zhou Long : 9780193864894

Zhou Long : Words of the Sun

Review: This is a poignant evocation of morning, opening and closing with a delicate, folk-like melody in the solo part supported by hums and vocalizing. A central episode is more urgent and uses dance rhythms. Despite the divisi in all parts the pieces is surprisingly easy to prepare, making it accessible to school choirs.

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4559b | Songbook $3.85 add item to cart

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Autumn - Moon Song at Mount EmeiZhou LongZhou LongZhou LongFour SeasonsSongbook (SSAA)MORE DETAILS 
Gathering Plantain (Fou Yi)Zhou LongZhou LongZhou LongTwo Poems from the Book of SongsSongbook (SSAATTBB)MORE DETAILS 
Spring - River Scenes on a Spring EveningZhou LongZhou LongZhou LongFour SeasonsSongbook (SSAA)MORE DETAILS 
Summer - The True Face of Mount LuZhou LongZhou LongZhou LongFour SeasonsSongbook (SSAA)MORE DETAILS 
The Peach Tree (Tao Yao)Zhou LongZhou LongZhou LongTwo Poems from the Book of SongsSongbook (SSAATTBB)MORE DETAILS 
Winter - Snowy RiverZhou LongZhou LongZhou LongFour SeasonsSongbook (SSAA)MORE DETAILS 
Words of the Sun Zhou LongChanticleerColors Of Love 1 CDMORE DETAILS 

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