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Ed Lisk


Ed Lisk

Edward S. Lisk is an internationally recognized clinician, conductor, and author. He is a graduate of Syracuse University School of Music with graduate studies at Ithaca School of Music, Syracuse University, and Oswego State University. He is the former Director of Bands and K-12 Music Supervisor for the Oswego City School District in Oswego, New York. Under his direction, the Oswego High School Wind Ensemble was recognized for its musical excellence with performances at most national instrumental conferences and had the privilege of being conducted by most of the nation's distinguished conductors and composers.

Lisk was recently honored and elected to the prestigious National Band Hall of Fame for Distinguished Conductors. This is considered to be the very highest honor any band director can ever receive in their lifetime. The National Band Hall of Fame for Distinguished Conductors is housed in a magnificent facility made available by Troy State University in Alabama. Lisk's installation will be February 2, 2008.

Lisk is an inducted member of the prestigious American Bandmasters Association and in the year 2000, served as the 63rd President of this distinguished organization founded by Edwin Franko Goldman. He has an active guest-conducting schedule that includes all-state bands, honor bands, university, and professional bands. He has served as guest conductor for the U.S. Air Force Band, Australian Wind Symphony, U.S. Interservice Band, U.S. Army Field Band and the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own." In 1992, he had the distinguished honor of conducting the world premiere performance of the first American Bandmasters Association's commissioned composition Endurance, by Timothy Mahr with the United States Interservice Band at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. Lisk was selected to guest conduct the 175th Anniversary Concert of the Allentown Band, which featured several prominent conductors who had a significant impact on the band world during the past 50 years.

Recognized as a national leader for school band programs, rehearsal/instructional techniques, and school reform issues, his state, and national presentations continue to serve directors in building and improving band programs. Since 1985, Lisk has served as an adjunct professor, appeared as a clinician/lecturer, adjudicator, and guest conductor throughout 45 states and 5 Canadian Provinces. In 1990, he traveled to Australia and presented sessions for the Australian National Band and Orchestra Clinic in Perth, Melbourne, and Sidney.

In 1991, he was selected by the New York State Education Department to coauthor the New York State Standards for Arts and Humanities. He also served on New York State's first School Quality Review Team in 1993, which was responsible for assessing the quality of teaching and learning in New York State schools. He is the author of The Creative Director Series (8 pub.) published by Meredith Music Publications and a coauthor of the highly acclaimed 6-volume publication by GIA, entitled Teaching Music Through Performance in Band. Carl Fischer Music Publishers recently released his editions of On The Mall March, The ABA March, Bugles and Drums March, and Onward-Upward March as part of the Edwin Franko Goldman March Series.


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Ed Lisk : The Creative Director - Intangibles of Music Performance : 01 Book : Ed Lisk :  : 073999556797 : 0962430854 : 00317003

Ed Lisk : The Creative Director - Intangibles of Music Performance

Review: With a foreword by Mark Camphouse, with the instructional techniques of teaching expression, ensemble interpretation, characteristic performance, musical identity, and the decision making process surrounding the subtle details of artistic response.

Songlist: Foreword, by Composer Mark Camphouse, Acknowledgments , Introduction , Chapter 1: The Mystery of Musical Expression, The Search for Meaning, Communication , Mind and Body Connection , The 'Eye' Has No Intelligence , Release Student Potential , Practicing , Other Factors for Consideration , Chapter 2: The Meaning of Ensemble, Inter- and Intra-personal Development, Listening and Hearing , Making Musical Decisions , To Answer or Not to Answer, Chapter 3: The Natural Laws of Musical Expression, Low Searches for High, High Searches for Low, Short Looks for Long, Style ... Characteristic ... Interpretation , 5 Steps for 'Feeling' and 'Style', Language of Articulation, Intensity , Teaching Intensity , Chapter 4: Free Form Expression, Memorization , The Grand Master Scale, The 'Key' to Improvisation , Building Chords through Scale Tones, Scale Modes and Improvisation, Chapter 5: The Space of Silence, Silence, Release or the Beginning of Silence?, Sound Moving into Infinity , Room Resonance and Decay, Tuning and Aligning Overtones , Chapter 6: Pulse, Time and Rhythm , Naturals and Hidden Pulse of Music, 3 Levels of Ensemble Pulse, Chapter 7: Conducting , Free Form Movement , Conductor's Vocabulary , Chapter 8:Coda, Sources and References , About the Author, Other Publications

8736b 01 Book $24.95 Choral Pedagogy

Ed Lisk : The Musical Mind of the Creative Director : 01 Book : Ed Lisk :  : 884088509453 : 1574631608 : 00317203

Ed Lisk : The Musical Mind of the Creative Director

Review: Chapters that address the connection of nuance and inflections with language and music and that expand the meaning of the words "ensemble and entrainment" are but a few of the insightful topics covered by this award-winning author. Ed Lisk's extensive professional career has enabled him to train many of today's leading music educators and provide materials used in schools and universities both here and abroad. The Musical Mind of the Creative Director expands his previous publications creating a greater awareness of the many components that surround the beauty of musical expression.

Songlist: Preface , Introduction , How This Book Is Organized, Chapter 1: The Immersed Musical Mind, Metacognition , The Conductor's Responsibility , Chapter 2: Designing Effective Rehearsals , Questioning Traditional Rehearsal Techniques, Designing A Rehearsal, Importance of the Warm-Up, Infusing Variety, Establishing Mental and Physical Readiness: The Warm-Up, Exercise 2.1. Teaching from the Circle of 4ths, More Thoughts on Removing the Notation, Chapter 3: Entrainment: The Invisible Communication System , Exercise 3.1. Aligning Ensemble Pulse, Exercise 3.2., Exercise 3.3. Making a Mind-Body Connection , Exercise 3.4. Apply Chord Qualities , Exercise 3.5. Breath Support , Chapter 4: Teaching Musical Artistry and Expression, Chapter 5: Connecting The Nuance and Inflections of Language With Music, Exercise 5.1. The Energy of Rhythm , Chapter 6: Connecting Feeling To Rhythm, Exercise 6.1. Expression Through Rhythm , Chapter 7: Developing and Exercising Musical Expression, Exercise 7.1. Discovering the Soul of Musical Expression , Exercise 7.2. Dynamics: Reading With True Expression, Why Practice Expression, Three Natural Laws of Musical Expression , Exercise 7.3. Expanding and Contracting Sound: Dynamics , Chapter 8: Shaping Ensemble Tone Quality and Sonority , Seating Arrangements , Shaping Ensemble Tone Quality , Step 1. Dynamic Balance, Step 2. Blend, Step 3. Intonation , Tone Quality , Exercise 8.1. Balance, Blend, and Intonation, The Problem With Tuning, Tuning By The Law of Sound: Overtone Series, Tuning an Instrument, Tuning With the Circle of 4ths, Full-Ensemble Tuning, Exercise 8.2. Full-Ensemble Tuning, Scales: Developing Ensemble Skills , The Problem With Scale Teaching, The Grand Master Scale, Coda, Appendix A. Circle of 4ths, Appendix B. Warm-Up Exercises, Appendix C. Spontaneous Reaction to Scales, Appendix D. Other Scale Variations, Appendix E. Dynamic Variations, Appendix F. Tuning Exercises, Appendix G. Scale Mastery, Appendix H. Articulation Exercises , Bibliography , About the Author

8737b 01 Book $24.95 Choral Methods

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