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Choral Warm Ups and Exercises

Any good choral director or singer knows that there’s more to choral work than just singing – you need to know how to warm-up properly, and what exercises to do to improve your vocal quality, tonality, breathing and all the other things that go into making you a good singer. Isn’t it nice, then, that there’s so many different books and CDs on the subject? Books with favourite warm-up exercises from dozens of choral directors around the U.S. and the world, from people who are respected experts in their fields, books that will teach you all the insider tricks & techniques that will make all the difference in your choir.

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Roger Emerson : Pop Warm-Ups & Work-Outs for Guys

Review: Unchanged, changing or changed male singers in middle school and high school may need a little extra help in "finding" their singing voices. Roger Emerson has developed a series of warm-ups that uses excerpts from classic rock and roll tunes that will provide the motivation and repetition they need to do just that. Each song features limited ranges starting moderately and gradually ascending into the tenor range and descending through the bass range as needed. The professionally-produced CD recording presents each exercise with vocals so your guys have a model to emulate.

Songlist: The Addams Family Theme, Theme From 'Jaws', Jump, Jive An' Wail, Land Of A Thousand Dances, Mission: Impossible Theme, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, Shake, Rattle And Roll, Smoke On The Water, We Will Rock You

5476 | Songbook | $9.95 || Vocal Warm Ups

Rollo Dilworth : Choir Builders - Fundamental Vocal Techniques

Review: Have fun with your choral warm-ups! With this collection of fifty-four inventive and educational songs and exercises, your choir will beg for more. Start out with the unison pieces and "build" to the more challenging exercises for 2-part, 3-part or 4-part treble or mixed voices. Use the demonstration CD for quick learning or sing along with the recording to have hands-free, portable warm-ups at your fingertips every day. Developed and composed by the award-winning choral composer and master teacher, Rollo Dilworth, Choir Builders will prove to be a "fun"damental way of improving and sustaining a quality choral sound with your performance groups.

Songlist: Preparation, Posture Perfect, Rhythm Calisthenics, Unison Building Songs and Exercises, Syncopation sound, Long Phrases, Unison (Opt. 2 Part) Exercises, 2 Part Treble Building Songs and Exercises, The Growing Phrase, Intervallic Expansion, 3 or 4 Part Building Songs and Exercises, Scale into Harmony, Scale with pedal points

6435 | Book & 1 CD | $29.95 || Vocal Technique

Rollo Dilworth and Emily Crocker : Choir Builders for Growing Voices

Review: When do you start teaching proper vocal technique to young voices? RIGHT NOW! Here are 19 fun and original exercises that will get your students' growing voices on the right track to producing a quality sound. Posture, breathing, flexibility, range of voice and more are all addressed in these wonderful exercises for young voices. Sing along with the demonstration tracks on the enclosed CD for quick learning, or use the accompaniment-only tracks for ear training and assessment options. Get ready to workout to a better sounding choir! Available: Book/CD (with reproducible pages). Suggested for grades 3-8.

Songlist: All Nations, Sing!, Articulate!, At The Market, A Celtic Interlude, A December Scene, Diction Warm-Up, The Giant And The Flea, Happy At Home, Hey You! Who Me?, I Will Sing This Song For You, Individuality, Interval Training, The Magic Of Music, Phineas The Frog, Rock And Roll Rhythms, Stand Up To Sing, Tune Your Voices, Unity Song

8733 | Songbook & 1 CD | $19.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Russell Robinson : Warm-Ups by the Dozen (Three-Part Set 1 & 2)

Review: Warm-ups by the Dozen utilizes proven techniques and creative exercises to prepare choirs effectively for rehearsals or performances. The set includes a dozen warm-ups designed and sequenced by noted choral educator Dr. Russell Robinson. This guide should be a part of the daily repertoire for every choir.

Songlist: Warm-Ups by the Dozen (Three-Part Set 1), Warm-Ups by the Dozen (Three-Part Set 2)

6525 | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $3.95 | 3 Parts || Vocal Warm Ups

Sabine Horstmann : Choral Vocal Technique

Review: Frauke Haasemann and her teachings regarding vocal technique have become legendary. Thousands of choral conductors have benefited from her books and workshops. Now for the first time, her primary student in Europe, Sabine Horstmann, has published her creative exercises based on the teachings of Frauke Haasemann. Written in a straightforward and direct manner, this volume provides an overview of choral vocal technique for choirs at any level of development. There are 94 sequential exercises that can serve as the central part of vocal training for any choir developed by this master teacher. Sabine Horstmann, instructor of Group Vocal Technique and voice at the Robert-Schumann Music University in Dusseldorf, has extensive experience working with singers of all ages. The focal point of her career is her intense work with a variety of choral groups, from children's choirs through adult choirs, and the further education of young conductors through her teaching of Group Vocal Technique and Conducting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States. Horstmann studied voice at Folkwang Music University of Essen with Professor Jakob Stampfli.

Songlist: Relaxation, Alignment and Body Awareness, Relaxation of the Vocal Tract, Creating Spaciousness, Breathing, Exhalation and Inhalation, Support, Resonance, General Resonance, Specific Resonance, Vowel Development Hierarchy, Register Consistency, Dynamics, Crescendo/Decrescendo, Range Extension Upward, Range Extension Downward, Leaps, Legato, Staccato, Martellato, Diction Teaching Principles

6662 | Book Vocal Warm Ups | $24.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Sally K Albrecht : Choral Warm-Up Collection

Review: The Choral Warm-Up Collection is a new sourcebook featuring 167 favorite warm-ups contributed by 51 choral directors from across the nation. These generous directors have agreed to donate their royalties to the ACDA Endowment Trust, to be used for student scholarships and conducting awards. This incredible resource consists of warm-ups for every situation and focusing on many different vocal areas. The text is organized into several categories: beginning warm-ups, breathing, vowels, diction, flexibility, scales, intervals, intonation, phrasing, blend, dynamics, minor, range, chords and rounds. Set the mood for a successful choral rehearsal while developing and reinforcing positive ensemble vocal techniques with The Choral Warm-Up Collection.

Songlist: Beginning Warm Ups, Breathing, Vowels, Diction, Flexibility, Scales, Intervals, Intonation, Phrasing, Blend, Dynamics, Minor, Range, Chords, Rounds

6039 | Book Warm -Ups | $22.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Sarah Watts : Warm Ups

Review: Contains songs, some with actions, for warming up the voice before each singing session.

Songlist: A flea and a fly in a flue, All around the kitchen, Candy man, Captain, Go Sidetrack Your Train, Down by the Bay, Forty years on an iceberg, Give Me Five, Got To Get Up, Happy Christmas!, Hello, how d'you do?, Hey there and good morning, Ho ho ho hosannah!, How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?, Listen up, Reasons for Not Coming to School, Retro Radio, The Shoo Ba Dee Do Song, There's a white van man, Wake up slowly, Wake up! Warm up!

6748 | Songbook & 1 CD | $24.95 | Unison || Choral Warm-Ups

Swingle Singers : Loop Songs - Warm-Ups and Performance Studies

Review: Originally conceived as warm-ups or to break up the routine of repertoire rehearsals, many loop songs are also suitable as concert songs. Divided into four levels of difficulty. Contains two and a half hours of music, including: Swing, Latin, Afro, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock and World music. CD includes performances by The Swingle Singers.

Songlist: Diggeching Samba, Lah-lah on H-Day, Basses First, African Call

7380 | Book & 1 CD | $29.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend

Review: From the basics of posture and breathing to the final bow of your concert, The Perfect Blend takes you on an entertaining ride through vocal and choral technique. The book is full of warm-ups, old and new. It is organized in two parts: The Voice and The Choir. Its fresh, physical approach to singing focuses on vocal and choral tone; vocal and choral technique. The author asks, "Who should read this book? Anyone who sings; anyone who conducts; anyone whose warm-ups need a B-12 shot; anyone who is interested in new ways to approach vocal study; anyone looking for rehearsal tips; anyone who is open to new programming ideas; my Mom." Timothy Seelig's humorous writing style is an absolute delight to read!

Songlist: Warm 'er Up (or down) - There Is A Difference, Posture - Holding Your Musical Instrument, Motor - Rev Your Engines, Vibrator - The Most Powerful 3/4 Inch in the World, Registers - Head, Chest, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Resonators - Woofers and Tweeters, Choral Singing - Electric Blender, TMI - Rehearsal Tips, Your Conducting Profile - Physician, Heal Thyself, TLC - Thing's They Didn't Teach You, Vocal Health - Soups to Nuts, The Aging Voice - It's Gonna Happen

6285 | Book | $24.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Timothy Seelig : The Perfect Blend

Review: It will make you think. It will make you laugh. It may change the way you approach your job as a choral director. The Perfect Blend provides an entertaining, yet practical approach to the voice and to the choir. Over 100 exercises, including photos to explain them, rehearsal and programming tips, vocal health and the aging voice, plus "things they didn't teach you in school." It all adds up to the perfect blend for any choral director. This 2 Hour DVD features the Turtle Creek Chorale and One Achord, of the TCC.

Songlist: Appetizer: Posture, Soup: Breathing, Salad: Phonation, Entree: Resonance, Dessert: Blend, See Actual Vocal Folds in Action, The Things They Didn't Teach You In School, The Quest Unending (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale), Mary Sat a Rockin' (Performance by Turtle Creek Chorale)

6285 | DVD | $34.95 || Choral Warm-Ups

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : Ice Breakers - 60 Fun Activities to Build a Better Choir!

Review: For any choir, team, or class to work together in a positive manner, the members must be comfortable with each other. Long-time educator, Valerie Lippoldt Mack, gives us some of her favorite teambuilding activities she calls Ice Breakers. Tried and true, these 60 Ice Breaker activities come directly from her classroom and teach life lessons of respect, tolerance and patience. The book is divided into sections that include communication, energizers, problem solving, trust building, goal setting and building respect. Using Ice Breakers will change how you and your students approach rehearsals. The music will come alive, the group will become focused and your students will become more positive-minded musicians. This simple and affordable book packs the punch you need for dynamic success with your choir, ensemble and classroom!

Songlist: Icebreakers - Just for Fun, Communication Builders - Getting to Know You, Energizers - Stress Reducers and Let's Get Physical, Problem Solving - Achieving Group Goals, Trust Building - Establishing Leadership, Goal Setting - Developing Group Dynamics, Building Respect - Valuing Every Person in the Room

6623 | Book Vocal Warm Ups | $12.95 || Rehearsal Material

Valerie Lippoldt Mack : Ice Breakers 2

Review: Here is the sequel to the wildly popular classroom resource book from celebrated educator Valerie Lippoldt Mack, a Kansas resident whose work has been featured at ACDA, MENC, Carnegie Hall and Disney World. Ice Breakers 2 includes 64 more games & activities (as well as numerous variations) designed to build teamwork skills, energize the classroom, and focus the kids. Many, but not all, of the suggestions also teach musical concepts.

Songlist: Icebreakers - remixed!, Stress Busters - solving problems as a Team, Creative Activities - Thinking Outside the Box, Retreat Makers - Building Relationships, life Lessons - Establishing Respect, Holiday Games - Celebrating Special Occasions

6668 | Book Vocal Warm Ups | $12.95 || Rehearsal Material

Zoltan Kodaly : 55 Two-Part Exercises

Review: The Kodaly Choral Concept is revised in an English Edition by Geoffry Russell-Smith.


6365 | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $11.95 | 2 Parts | A Cappella || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : 77 Two-Part Exercises

Review: The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sigh-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection presents 77 two-part exercises.

Songlist: Two-Part Exercises

5198 | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $14.95 | 2 Parts || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

Zoltan Kodaly : Let Us Sing Correctly - 101 Exercises in Intonation

Review: Based on sol-fa notation combined with unaccompanied part singing from the earliest stages in a child's school music, the Kodaly Method develops musical literacy, secure intonation and rhythmic confidence - essential fundamentals of sound music education. The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and sigh-singing exercises designed to promote a thorough understanding of interval and tonality. By incorporative a wide range of Hungarian folk music and poetry, Kodaly has produced a stimulating addition to the repertoire of school and amateur choirs. This collection contains 101 exercises in intonation, and serves as an introduction to the five volumes of two-part exercises

Songlist: Let Us Sing Correctly, 101 Exercises in Intonation

6364 | Vocal Warm Up Exercises | $7.95 | 2 Parts | A Cappella || Choral Warm-Ups | Zoltan Kodaly

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