Vox One: Chameleon (00 1 CD)

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Vox One: Chameleon

Song Name   Arranger
Chameleon   Paul Stiller
Naima (My Dreams)   Paul Pampinella
Moonglow   Paul Pampinella
All Blues   Vox One
Danny Boy   Yumiko Matsuoka
On Green Dolphin Street   Benni Chawes
You Don't Know What Love Is   Yumiko Matsuoka
Over the Rainbow   Yumiko Matsuoka
Teen Town   Benni Chawes
'Round Midnight   Paul Stiller

Produced by Paul Stiller

This may well be the last album of jazz virtuosos, Vox One." These musicians created the most polished jazz (on the rock and blues edge of the spectrum) by anyone so far. Meticulous arrangements sung by superb performers make you forget any prior arrangement that was the benchmark to your mind's ear for how a particular song was supposed to sound. From the opening wail of the vocal electric guitar and definitive drum beat on "Chameleon" to the complex chord structures on "Round Midnight," you will be lost in a panoply of possibilities for the human voice. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Harold Arlen, Herbie Hancock, Theolonius Monk and more are treated with nothing short of the genius they deserve. The title cut from one of our best selling CD's ever, "Chameleon," is a cool and refreshing cocktail of vocal jazz. Having emerged from the highly regarded Berklee School of Music, their sound reflects the talent and training that enables them to articulate sophisticated musical concepts with ease. This amazingly rich sonic tapestry is heard in the bent notes of the "guitar" and the slur of the "bass" on this track-amazing!

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